I decided to do something a little different and I recorded a video answering the questions that Ms. Tia, asked me about my lace front wig and how I style it.

(I hope I wasn’t too confusing. I will do better next time.)
 Tia asked:
How do you curl your lace wig so that the curls stay in place and it’s still shiny and natural looking.  I just got my lace wig and it was from a vendor that styles the wigs…so it was beautiful when it first came, but now that I’m trying to style it myself  it looks dull, and dry and frizzy.
1.  What do you use to wash and condition your wig every week?
2.  What products do you use when styling?
3.  How do you style it both curly and straight?
4.  How long do the curls last when you style it curly?
5.  How do you get to stay sleek all day in that Florida humidity?

Thanks for all you help!!

I hope I answered all your questions sufficiently, if I left something out let me know! 
I forgot to mention in the video I am wearing: Saga Remy Human Hair Lace Wig.


  1. Your hair is ALWAYS fly!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Even thougt I rock my natural hair in a cut, I could take something from the fact that you can wash your hair every week to make it look the best.
    Use heat protectant.
    And quality products don't have to cost a lot.

  2. Your video look soooo clean & crisp! Welp, I FINALLY got mine up & yesss I had to do it via YouTube… SMH! I did mention you on the post thanks for sharing…

  3. one other question..how long do you wear your lace wigs?  do you take them off at night or do you sleep in them?

  4. I have been wearing this once since June, I am trying to get six months of wear from my wigs, that way I am only buying two a year, so far so good.  I think I can easily get another month from this one. 

  5.  Your welcome, I am natural too but I'm not ready to venture into that style world just yet. 

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