I had a fantastic weekend! Ashley invited me to a ladies brunch this past Sunday at Elle’s in Miramar, FL.  I don’t have many friends in Miami so I was excited to make some new acquaintances.  I was also super hyped to meet Kerrisa from A Diva’s Moms Journey, she came down form West Palm Beach to attend the brunch.  I enjoyed
meeting Kerrisa, she is such a well spoken beautiful woman.  Hopefully
Ashley and I can make a trip to WPB to do some thrifting with her, she is a thrift star!
All in all we had a great time and plan do meet-ups once a month.  Ashley did a great job of making everyone feel welcome and even had ice breaker games for us to play and prizes for the winners.  The service and food at Elle’s was amazing, can’t wait to eat there again. Want to view more pics from the brunch, “like” A Sassy Womans Facebook, and check out her online album.


Annoyed that my shoes are always big in the back! Having wide feet sucks sometimes.

Outfit details: * Dress – Forever21 * Blazer – Express/Thrifted * Shoes – Bakers * Belt – Thrifted *
* Clutch – Love 21 *

I even put on some makeup, I think I did a pretty good job for a novice!


  1. Awww…. you ladies look GREAT!!!! Lovvveee your hair & make-up!!!! LOL @ you and the wide feet comment!

  2. LoveofStylebyErika

    That is so great! It looks like you ladies had a blast. You looked great as well.

  3. Love the pictures! I stole some of them and put them in my album on FB lol. I had a great time. See you later on this week 🙂


  4. Madame your face was beat to the 9! I had a lot of fun. We did look fab didn't we? Fly on a budget. I have the same issue with certain shoes. I think it is the way the are cut/curved. I'm already looking forward to the next event. Let's make it happen. Ashley really worked to make it great, fun and light. Mission accomplished.

  5. Full-FiguredDiva

    Looks like you Divas had a great time!  Love your dress  and your make-up is FAB!


  6. Everyone looked so nice.  I like ladies who lunch/brunch events. You look like you had lots of fun!! I think you did a good job on your makeup and outfit as always.  

  7. dr_sbennett

    Oh wow you guys looked so FAB!!! I'm sure fun times were had by all. Hmmm….must get something together for the central FL bloggers soon 😉

  8. Great job on your makeup!!
    This event looks like so much fun!
    Next time I'm coming. lol.

    So glad you all are doing it! 🙂

  9. you ladies look wonderful! looks like a great time and you're makeup looks great!!! LOVE the blue liner!

  10. You look so pretty! I love your dress. And  your makeup looks great…novice who?! Lol. 

  11. shopping with betty boop

    wow u ladies look fab !!!!!!

  12.  Yaay, see you at Shecky's Tomorrow, next trip me and Ashley are gonna hit the road to come and see you!

  13. Thank you, I had a great time! It always cool to hang out with beautiful young professional woman. 

  14. this is so late, but as a member of the wide feet club, the one thing I've learned is to invest in those insole-y thingys. its kind of helped. I don't go entirely a size up (especially if that makes it too big) because shoes stretch, but if half a size gives more room, i fill in the rest with that cushiony stuff and tada!!!

    love your site, great inspiration

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