(The other Diva in the house)

Good Morning! I know you guys are probably like where the
hell have you been?! Well…no excuses, but real life kind of takes over sometimes.  Oh and it usually takes me a minute to get
back in my groove after taking vacation. 
I have been keeping up with my blog reading (slacking on commenting) and
I have been tweeting on and off.  I have also
been doing some strategic planning on ways to improve my blog and my social
presence.  I have missed you guys but I
will admit…my outfits over the past few weeks have been thrown together and not
in a good way, lol.  So last night I
actually took the time to pick out my outfit.
So today’s outfit is classic…skirt, blouse and pumps.  I have really been into blouses; I still need
to find the perfect pussy bow blouse.  I
found a nice Bebe one at the Goodwill but accidentally shrunk it, smh.  There is something about a blouse that is timeless
and lady like, expect to see me in more of them.  I am also awaiting cooler weather so I can
throw on some layers; wear my scarves, blazers and boots!  I also finally got my red skinny jeans, well
I have two pairs but one is going back. 
party people have a great day, I need to study for my Earth Science mid-term
that I am stressing over =/  
P.S. Super big hello to all my new followers and a big hug to all my loyal readers out there that keep coming back, love you guys.
Houndstooth blouse – Thrifted
Skirt – Target
Tank – Love Culture
Shoes – Jessica Simpson via DSW
Ring and Necklace – Forever 21


  1. Hey hun, you are always missed but it is certainly understandable. I know you believe in beauty & brains. You know this is a perfect work look :))

  2. Loving the houndstooth shirt & w/ those stunning shoes!!!! I need something houndstooth  in my LIFE & quick!!!! Your DIVA DOG is too cute…

  3. Thank you, all of mines have come from thrift stores.  I had to shift through a lot of ugly polyester but I found a few gems.  

  4. I didn't know those blouses were called pussy bow blouses and I still feel awkward saying it but I do love them!!!  I have only one but I can't fit it right now.  🙁

    You look great though- wearing my fave color BLACK!

  5. This houndstooth blouse is fantastic!  I love it!  And your little "diva" is too cute!  Welcome back!

  6. Style & Poise

    Love this look…that top is fab and the heels….dope!


  7.  When I bought these I thought "what would Prissy think of these", lol.  They are black and khaki but the snakeskin adds a little umph to them.  I am venturing out little by little, lol.

  8. RushOurFashion

    This look is so classic, and I love it!! The houndstooth printed blouse is EVERYTHING!!  I also love the fact that you added brown shoes w/ a snakeprint to this outfit. It definitely added something extra!


  9. I love this look and your nails are the epitome of classic!! I did a post awhile back about short red nails. Nothing sexier! Especially against black and white! Work it, girl! and your dog is precious 😉

  10. Hey lady!! Welcome back…I totally understand that LIFE does happen — glad to see you back in the swing! The houndstooth is timeless and I luv that it's blk and white.  The shoes are great — diggin that patent leather with the snake skin details!

    Good luck on the midterm — no stressing, you'll do fine!

  11. Whitney James

    very chic! love the top and the shoes. you look great.


  12. I saw those too might go back for them! Lol.  These shoes are sooooo comfy Jessica Simpson may not being singing any more but her shoes rock! 

  13. p.s. welcome back!  we understand…it's almsot kind of hard to have a blog and have a life at the same time..LOL

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