Hey, I wanted to share a guest post with you I wrote for Minister of Style while she was moving to Florida.  Hope you like it, enjoy!

Wardrobe Building: The Thrifted Edition

To be quite honest I had never ever stepped foot inside of a thrift store until after I started reading fashion blogs.  Not that I had anything against it but it never crossed my mind.  So that was then and this is now, and about 10 to 15 percent of my wardrobe is thrifted.  I have used thrifting as a way to fill in the gaps, so to speak, in my wardrobe. Usually, when I go thrifting I have a mental list of what I want and need.  I am all about looking good at a reasonable price so that’s why I am giving you the thrifted edition of wardrobe building…so here goes.  These are my top five pieces that you can easily add to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.


I can’t even begin to tell you how many blazers I have thrifted.  Finding blazers are always first on my list because they are the easiest.  My first time thrifting I bought four blazers all for $10 or less each.  Never go by the size on the tag, always try on everything. I am always surprised that I can fit things smaller than my normal size. Buying a bunch of blazers retail can get very pricey.  Instead hit your local thrift store and check the designer section, you might be surprised at what you find.


Dresses and Skirts

I naturally gravitate towards dress and skirts so these are always second on my list.  With dresses, you have to think outside the box and imagine how it would look belted, under a blazer, worn a skirt, etc. The same thinking can apply to skirts.  Can it be taken from a maxi skirt to a midi dress?  Or from a midi skirt to a belted blouse (got that one from BeautyFash).  If you are a fashionista that sews you can also make minor alterations to suit your needs.


Cardigans and Blouses

I am a cardigan hoarder…I have almost every color and I want more!  For me, they go with everything and are a great foundation for layering in the winter months.  I have come across some beautiful cashmere cardigans but have yet to find one in my size. Finding a cashmere cardi would be the ultimate score for me! I am still working on building up my collection of blouses.  I recently found some beautiful silk blouses that were all less than $8 each! Blouses are great for office attire and can be easily dressed down with jeans for a night out.


Belts and Scarves

My two favorite accessories.  I wear a belt with almost all my outfits and when it cools off the scarves are coming back out too.  These two items usually are the cheapest things I find.  I have never paid more than $4 for a belt and not more than $5 for a scarf.  Both these items are a super easy way to add a little pizzazz to any outfit.



Last but not least, purses are something I haven’t had much luck with but I am not giving up.  I have seen so many other bloggers with beautiful purses and clutches they have thrifted. I have not found any clutches but I did luck up on a beautiful red leather handbag for $3!  We all know that a fabulous purse can seal the deal on an entire outfit.

That’s my short list of items that you easily thrift and build up your current wardrobe.  I did leave off pants, for a curvy girl like me I have a hard enough time getting a great pair of pants retail.  Hopefully, this was helpful for anyone that wants to start thrifting or trying to add a few key elements to their wardrobe at a reasonable price.



  1. You have some great finds! This post has motivated me to venture into the "thrift" world one more time for some divine inspiration. Normally I don't find nada when I have gone in the past. *Those blazers are to die for!*  Thanks!
    S Nicole

  2. RushOurFashion

    I agree with you 100%!!! All of these are essential items that can be picked up for a little of nothing at the thrift store. I cannot even imagine being a person who has never thrifted before. This was a great post!


  3. i love to go thrift store shopping. i love going to garage sales too. i have found lots of great purses at garage sales. you just have to look and search

  4. aleia hendricks

    This has got to be one of the best posts I have read in a long time.  As I am plus sized, I always believe that I won't find anything in the thrift stores.  I may just take a shot at it!  (with this post tucked in my pocket)  Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. tyradavis77

    It's funny that this was the first post I read when I signed into Google reader.  I just came back from the thrift store and got some really great pieces to build up my wardrobe for fall (and beyond).  I'm plus-sized too, and I have recently gained weight, which means I'm not my usual size.  Therefore, I look for pants that are 2 sizes above what I normally would wear (I'm used to wearing a 14 now I'm 16) So far, this strategy has yielded 3 pairs of great pants ( I also bought a pair of cords from the mens section, which fit my curves surprising well). 

    I'm usually not one for searching through things, but this thrift store is well organized and relatively small so I don't get frustrated.  Happy thrifting 🙂

  6. Dr. Reginia

    Wow, you found some really nice stuff. I like the sweater, the George Shirt, the Boho top…well all of it.

    I can't wait to see your outfit of the day posts.www.herperfectblackdress.com

  7. Alexis Baker

    I luv your finds and the looks you put together…If you don't mind me asking…which thrift stores do you shop at in Miami?

  8. Great Post! I too, never considered thrifting before reading the fashion blogs. I have found some great pieces and now look forward to thrifing. You have found some super pieces. Thinking about thrifting today :0).

  9. Ok I am totally jealous of your thrift store because there aren't finds like that in mine…ever. I am headed to my Cleveland thrift store next week.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  10. I am glad that you found some great stuff! The good thing about thrifting is you can find some great unique pieces.  My new things is blouses, I need more!

  11. I never thought to try garage sales, I have also heard of people scoring great finds a estate sales too.  I will definitely give them a try.

  12. nice finds!!! All the bloggig thrifters have really got me wanting to visit a thrift store.  I make take the step soon! you go girl! you found some great items!

  13. It is hit or miss, I have have accumulated this stuff over the past couple months.  I am always determined to find something, lol. 

  14. Kerissa Blue

    Jackpot on every single item. Can't wait to see you style them. Happy Weekend!

  15. Sooooo jealous! I never "come-up" while thrifting! Maybe I'm at the wrong places — anyways, thats some great stuff you got there. I need that metal belt, the red purse AND the Alfani blazer!!! I really have to step my thrifting game up!

  16. Whitney James

    you got some great items here! especially loving the sweater with pockets.


  17. shopping with betty boop

    great finds im luving the pussy bow blouse i wouldnt change a thing about luv, it check me out @http://mrsmward1-shopwithbettyboop.blogspot.com/

  18. Vanessa Paul

    This is amazing. I too have never thought of thrifting but recently crossed my mind since I see soo many bloggers shop like that. Like really…I'm going to a thrft store today. You are the first blogger that laid it out like that. I am so glad you did. I am loving your blog as I go through it. Being that I am from Miami, I love how you let people know…hey people from Miami are fashionable as well….. *sigh* THANKS GIRL!

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