I had a great Labor Day
weekend! My two besties (who are also sisters) came down from D.C. to visit
me.  I have been friends with these ladies since H.S., and we have kept in
touch with each other all these years despite the distance between us.  I
keep my circle of friends fairly small and anyone that is close to me I
consider a best friend.  These ladies know absolutely everything about me
and we have similar family experiences with makes them more like sisters
instead of friends. There Dad even told them to tell me “he still loves me
like a daughter” that made get a little misty. 

I know some people that turn
to their family during hard times and rely on them. Unfortunately I have never
been really close to anyone in my family besides my Brother, so I usually count
on my friends who always have my back. 

I even gave them the URL for
my blog (which I keep from everyone).  Of course they were very supportive
and gave me some great suggestions.  So my weekend was spent relaxing,
eating and having girl talk. We are already planning out next couple of visits!

The clothing breakdown:

V is wear a polka dot dress
which she got from JcPenney for $18 marked down from $79!  She is also
wearing Carlos Santana Shoes and I believe Tiffany’s jewelry.

M is wearing an HM dress, which
I had to coerce her to get back in February, Michael Shannon sandals.  I
believe she is wearing Tiffany’s jewelry as well.

My dress is from Ross and my
booties are Guess, ring and earrings from Forever 21. 


  1. My circle of friends is small too! It's such a blessing having true friends.
    You all look so cute!
    Love that dress you're wearing and those shoes are killer!

  2. It's always great to have good friends in your life.  You guys look cute and it  looks like you guys enjoyed your time together.


  3. aww!! Everyone looks soo pretty and nice!! I'm glad u had a great Labor day. Hopefully I will see u soon 🙂

  4. Full-FiguredDiva

    You ladies are looking mighty FAB..and those shoes you're rockin are HOT HOT HOT! 


  5. Style & Poise

    You look great! Love the dress and shoes. I identify wih you so well! I keep my circle very small too but if you're a friend, I rock with you Hard! Lol!

  6. You all look great!  I love those heels you're rocking.

  7. You ladies look FAB! Love your shoes too.
    I've never had the feeling of having a circle of close friends. I can imagine that the feeling is great!


  8. LA Lynn's

    Gorgeous Ladies… glad you enjoyed your holiday & was able to spend it with friends!!!! BTW, the shoes are cute!!!!

  9. You all look great!! Your shoes are soo cute!!!

    BTW, thanks for following my blog. I've been a fan of yours for a while. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  10. You all look so cute!! I too, keep a small circle of close friends. It's funny, coming from a big, close family, that I turn to my friends when going through hard times as well.
    I also think it's funny when I speak of my bff's in the plural and people look at me like huh…more than one?!? lol, yep they are all my besties and I would trade them for the world!! Ps. you are getting more and more fabulous!! Keep up the good work!

  11. Thank you and all my friends are really a blessing to me and I appreciate them.  Blogger friends included 😉

  12. My family is big too but not that close.  I have always had really great friendships and I have always tried to never lost contact with any of my friends if I can help it.

  13. Thanks Lea, my blog is a secret…shhhhh, lol.  I need to work on telling people about it, lol.

  14. Kerissa Blue

    You all look fliii! Although I'm really really close to my siblings and mom, I do super duper love my girlfriends. My close knit circle has 2 girlfriends I've known since pre-school and 2 sisters here who are nurses that I meet 8 years ago.

  15. You girls are looking fab in your stripes and polka dots!! It's always nice to have supportive friends around. We are sooooo polar opposites —  I have a large family as well but I lean on the chosen few family members instead of friends AND hardly any friends know about my blog — mainly family.

    Anyways you girls look stunning and I luv the shoes missy!!! Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

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