I finally had a good outdoor
photo shoot, thanks to my friend Drizzy.  Besides having random men
whistle at me and pull over their cars to gawk it was pretty fun.  I love
my neighborhood and hopefully I will get an opportunity to take more outside

I’ve had this blazer since
July but haven’t really had any inspiration to wear it until….I was in Target
and saw this striped tank while shopping. I immediately thought of this blazer
and I love this look.

Lately my looks have been
really simple and easy, which is great while I am getting back in the flow of
the new semester.  So far so good, no complaints yet about working in a
groups, lol.  I am looking forward to this long weekend; my besties are
coming down from D.C.! I can’t wait to just hang out, shop and have girl
talk.  Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend. Later gators! 


Tank – Target

Blazer -H&M
Jeans – Gap

Slingbacks – Steve Madden

Necklace – Forever 21 


  1. Glad you manage to get some great shots while the men were GAWKING!!!! lol
    U look FAB… the BLAZER is the TOPPING of the FIT!!!! Great look…

  2. Manecoarse

    What a classy look.  I love your hair.  It's pretty.

  3. I wish I had someone to take my pics! LoL. Love the photos and love that blazer

  4. Loveeee the blazer! You look great friend 🙂

  5. Thank you. They were really urking me! Do you really think a lady would respond to whistles and cat calls, smh.  

  6. Lovely! I have a similar blazer from New York & COmpany
    of Live Life in

  7. Kerissa Blue

    Lovely outdoor shoot and the outfit is a WOW! I have the blazer in black. Good luck this semester.

  8. Feelin that navy and purplish striped tank up against the mulch!! Yay for outside pics!!
    You look fab and your hair is gorge.  I totally dig the blazer with tank and jean look — I was just telling Toya I need to roll up the sleeves on my blazer – that one little detail just adds umph to it. 

    How's the new semester coming? I'm starting to feel the pressure mount :-/

  9. OMG I want everything you have on!! I would wear this in a heartbeat. Love how casual chic it is! FAB girly!!

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