I am usually
not one to follow trends, however I am all for colored denim.  After seeing a few other bloggers with the
City Streets brand skinny jeans, I ordered cobalt blue and bright pink from JcPenney.  I attempted to get a red pair of skinnies
from Oldnavy but that was a fail.  I waited 3 weeks for them and after I
finally received them the fit was horrible.  I went back and read the
reviews online and it seems that I needed to order them two sizes bigger and
one length longer, really Oldnavy?  Okay, so the hunt is still on for an
affordable pair of red skinny jeans, any good suggestions?  So far I am loving my pink and blue jeans, I am thinking of ordering green also but I’m not so sure if I can pull that off. 
P.S. 10 days until my 31st birthday!
Denim shirt – Oldnavy via Ebay
Jeans – JcPenney
Sandals – MRKT via DSW


  1. Check mine out today!  From Urban Outfitters, and they're the BEST (seriously, my fav jeans ever, I have them in black too).  Love yours with the denim top.    I found you through EBEW–stop by and say hi if you get the chance.  

  2. Loved the colored jeans on you! cute!
    Wow, can't believe the old navy pants were like that!

    And I can't believe you'll be 31 vbff, you look amazing!

  3. Great look! For red skinny jeans, have you tried TJ Maxx? I had some luck there last weekend and picked up a pair of fuschia/magenta skinnies. They had tons of red at the time. Good luck with the search!

  4. Wow I can't believe you will be 31..you look much younger. I'm 31 and I will be 32 in January. Anyhoo loving the bright colored jeans paired with the denim top…cute!! I hope you enjoy your special day 🙂

  5. You always look so cute in your colored jeans! Love this with the denim shirt, great ebay find – it's the perfect shade!!

  6. Love the denim shirt with the red jeans! That is an awesome combo 🙂  You should definitely go for the green pants next!  I am looking for green and yellow next!   Heather

  7. That is a great color and it goes so well with the double denim look. 
    Thanks for joining us at EBEW.

  8. Full-FiguredDiva

    Love those jeans and the color!!


  9. Thank you and thank you for the mention on your blog! Your desserts look amazing…I wanted to be a pastry chef at on point, they all look delicious!  Also try you local thrift store they always have great denim jackets and shirts.

  10. Thank you, I will give them a try but I usually don't have much luck fitting into jeans from discount retailers, they never seem to have my size. 

  11. Thanks Lea, I think I want to give flares another try too! Soo many bloggers are rocking them so well, maybe I can find a pair that have a good fit.

  12. Gone Denim Double Take!! You look really cute and I luv the back drop in the pictures 🙂
    I have not done the colored denim thing either but decided to do so for the EBEW challenge…
    LMAO@ "Really OldNavy"!! Yea sometimes the denim is hit or miss but I am eyeing the flare legs that they have so we shall see!

  13. These jeans FIT and I really like how you've styled it with the blue denim up top.  Gives the look a nice edge.

  14. Kerissa Blue

    I'm a fan of denim on denim and the pop of color was the right color and addition. Can I say I love the 3rd shot pose. You might see it on my blog, lolol. 

  15. Try Macy's if you have them in your area, or…wait for it…Target and Wal-Mart.  Target's upped their style IQ and I bet you'll be able to find some there!  BTW, very cute!!!!

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