I am sick! Summer colds are the worse.  I think my weekend will be filled with tea, Theraflu and Vicks.  Fall semester starts on Monday so I need to get it together before then.  Hope you guys have a great weekend.  
Blazer – Morena via Goodwill
Mickey Tank – Forever 21
Jeans – JcPenney

Sandals – Guess via Marshalls
Bracelets – Gifted


  1. Hey lady! Love your blog! So sorry you're not feeling well. Get better quick. You look too cute though!

  2. Istyle Llc

    I like this comfy chic outfit.  The blazer definitely makes it appropriate for work, but the micky tee gives it that playful look.  Good Look!

  3. I used to love me some mickey mouse back in the day. lol
    love those pants.
    and I hope you're feeling better. 

  4. Cute shoes. Feel better; summer colds are the worst.

  5. I like this!!! Are those jeans or "jeggings"?  I really like that color and of course Mickey is an old favorite 🙂

  6. jade4maureen

    Love the colour of those jeans and the mickey top is super cool. 

  7. Lexy_BeautyFash

    Cute Friday outfit, love those colbalt jeans!  Awwww! Feel better soon! Summer colds are the worst!

  8.  Thanks, I am always pushing the boundaries but I agree. I was trying to standout but not too much, fun and Funky =)

  9. This is really FUN! Perfect "I'm ready for the weekend" look. Sorry you are under the weather, feel better. And good luck this semester!

  10. Ironic because I've been thinking alot about going to Disney World or Universal Studios next year
    of Live Life in

  11. Kerissa Blue

    Hot jeans! Your jeans always fit like a glove. I like how you spiced up the look with the Mickey tee.

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