I am so proud of myself; I
have been continuously adding color to my outfits.  Instead of going out
and spending a lot of money I have been picking up items here and there at
thrift stores.  I purchased 3 more blouses today at the goodwill for $15!
My mom said to me today “you love that goodwill don’t you”,
lol.  I sure do!  

I miss wearing scarves but
it’s clearly too hot to even think about wearing a scarf.  But I purchased
this scarf two years ago from NY&Co. for $5 and never wore it, smh. I
couldn’t pass it up because it was so beautiful and my favorite color, blue. I
picked up this royal blue skinny belt at Forever21 a couple weeks ago.  My
blue bracelets are from H&M; picked those up over the 4th of July
weekend.  So despite the heat I rocked my
silk scarf.  

Planning my outfit
around my accessories worked out great. 

Scarf – NY&Co.
Tank – Target
Denim blazer – Guess via Ebay
Pants – Express
Belt – Forever 21
Bracelets – H&M
Sandals – MRKT via DSW  


  1. shorterk

    I love how you incorporated the scarf!  Cute blazer!


  2. WOWS!! The different shades of blue against the white really looks amazing. No lie, I am about to dig into my closet to find a scarf, lol. Love this look! And yes, thrifting is completely where it's at. I'm obsessed. 

  3. ooooh I love those colors, the belt scarf and jacket make a hot combo! That blue is bold and beautiful!
    I hear you on the scarf thing — I wear them anyway and justify doing so b/c there is AC at work!

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