I love this challenge!  Me, Prissy and Inez just had a convo on twitter about
accessorizing.  I know you shouldn’t overdo it when it comes to
accessories. However on most days you will find me wearing earrings, bracelets,
a necklace and a ring! I know that sounds like a lot but I like it! 

So I decided to go back
through my outfit posts and pull out some of my favorite arm candy
pieces.  My current favorites are the colorful friendship bracelets,
(first picture), that have been popping up everywhere.  The arm candy that gets worn the most are
my three gold bangles, (last picture), my ex-husband gifted me from Dubai; he even had one
engraved =) 

Make sure you check out the other ladies arm parties!

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  1. Booyah! We have the same clutch! LOL my fave leopard clutch! love the arm candy!  xoxo ty

  2. Jadore-fashion

    Love the first pictures too! Great accessories over the colors!


  3. I absolutely LOVE accessories… but when in doubt throw it out is MOTTO! If I think it's too much then more than likely it's TOO much! ~Your collection is FAB!

  4. Empress Shanny

    The colorful beads bring me back great memories from high school, this look has got to be my fav.  But some gold from Dubai is an excellent choice for an everyday addition.


  5. Luv luv ur Arm Party! Esp the first pic! So nice & bright! U have gre8t style!

  6. Dr. Reginia

    You guys are doing so well on the arm party. I love the first pic. I tried it on Thursday #epicfail. I may post a pic on Twitter. 

  7. I see you are a HUGE fan of accessorizing!! Love all of your bracelets & that leopard clutch!!


  8. http://boluxe.wordpress.com/

    Really love your look! This has been a fun challenge:)

    robyn of boluxe.wordpress.com

  9. I really like the 2nd pic the most but they all are great!

  10. Iysha Robinson

    Love the posting…your accessories are so cute.

  11. Jemappelleshen

    Hey I participated in the BDIB challenge too! I came across your link and I'm loving your arm parties! The leopard clutch is fierce, I'm a sucker for animal print!jemappelleshen.wordpress.com

  12. I love that you gave us a couple of looks. I am with you, in that I usually wear earrings, necklace, ring and a bracelet but I rarely change it up. I really like this challenge – inspiration on how to show some love to my neglected wrists! lol 

  13. I luv all your arm parties…Nice variety! The only thing I really own is bangles :-/
    I thinks its time for me to venture out and step the accessories game up!

  14. Cara Lynch

    I have to agree with you, the color combinations of that first picture (paired with the yellow top and zebra clutch) is so bold and beautiful!  Love this, and love your blog title too 😀

  15. AWWW Man I never knew that was too much, just me doing me I love to accessorize…and I love bangles and big rings. I also wear a watch everyday…can't leave home without one.  Maybe too much for some but, if done right I think it rocks all day long.

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