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I am in a fantastic mood! I
think the colorfulness of my skirt is the reason; it just put a smile on my
face as soon as I put it on this morning.  Don’t you just love when
something as simple as a piece of clothing can make you smile?

Okay on to the back story of
this skirt, who doesn’t love a good story! This is another fabulous piece from
Forever 31; yep I renamed the store yesterday.  I fell in love with a
dress I saw Melanie wearing on an episode of “The Game” back in 2007,
yep that long ago.  This dress was close enough to satisfy me, just one
problem it was a “short maxi”.  Meaning it only came to my
ankles, none the less it still came home with me.  I wore it a few times
but the halter area on the dress was a little more revealing than I cared for
so she sat dormant until this week when I saw this pic.  Isn’t that skirt beautiful! Well
for $180 is should be, unfortunately the bargainista in me is torn on if I
should splurge on it.

So I used Ciara’s skirt as my
inspiration for today’s Bloggers Do It Better challenge.  I cut
off the halter and thankful there was elastic under the bust-line of the dress
so that’s all I had to do.  I have brand new maxi skirt that I love.

So, I want
you to tell about a purchase you agonized over, did you look for a substitute,
did you break down and buy the item or did you just say forget it all together?
Let me add I found the skirt at Neiman
Marcus Last Call online for $99 and they are having a 30% off sale site wide,
and guess what?  Yep, you guess it, the skirt was sold out! 

Denim jacket – Oldnavy
V neck tee – Forever 21
Maxi – Forever 21
Sandals – Ross
Ring – Forever 21
Earrings – Forever 21
Bracelets – Forever 21 
Watch – Fossil, gifted 
Check out the lil diva of the house Chase, she wanted some picture love this morning! 


  1. Love the outfit! I have the same Old Navy denim jacket. I'll have to see what I can pair mine with. Love it!

  2. Katie Mac

    Love the print of the skirt…you look great!

  3. Style & Poise

    Love the colors in that skirt and the jean jacket is the perfect touch for this ensemble! Very Nice and the pooch is so adorable 🙂 

  4. What an absolute fun skirt…I agree with vibrant colors will brighten your mood. I love how you paired it with the denim jacket. It gives the look a cool, casual feel.

  5. That is a great, colorful skirt!! That cutie pie of a dog makes it even better. 🙂

    Recently I saw this pretty sandal in a few magazines and couldn't stop thinking about them. They were just so much to pay for a sandal and I spent so much time finding a suitable alternative. I even bought a pair that was a similar color, but just didn't make my heart smile. I finally ended up buying the ones I orginally saw (when they went on sale and I had a coupon code) and absolutely love wearing them. Sometimes there's just nothing like the original!

  6. Your remake on the dress looks fabulous!!!  And I love Yorkies- Chase is adorable.

  7. A R Hawkins

    Love the skirt! I just joined BDIB and was so excited when I saw a new challenge only to run to my closet and find I do not have a Maxi skirt or dress. Having already spent my clothing budget, I will have to wait 'til the next one comes around 🙁

  8. Spoilsofwear

    The colors and print of the skirt is fabulous!  Love the pup shot!  🙂

  9. Beautiful skirt! I love how you paired it with the demin jacket! I also submitted an entry for the BDIB challenge…you can check it out here if you like:

    -Cherrie <3

  10. I love the bright colors in that skirt and what an adorable dog!

  11. you look beautiful! i love the maxi skirt. you pull it off so well, especially with that jean jacket. and i love the DIY aspect of your outfit! following 🙂

    sarah rose

  12. Shendaughtry

    Hey I participated in the BDIB challenge too!

    I love how you made the skirt the focal point by doing it in a print! Lovely!

  13. Love the skirt! You did great….no need for the high end purchase.

  14. Love, love LOVE this skirt! The pattern and colors are perfect for the summer months. Hope you'll remix it in many different ways in the weeks ahead. – Katy

  15. Martha Carl

    Thanks for your lovely comment! I love your look as well 🙂


  16. Ok, I love that second pic! And you have a doggie. Awe! I'm looking for one. Is that a yorkie? What's its name?

    My fashion dilemma are those nude pumps in my new post. The are so doggone cute, but they hurt soooo BAD. For some reason I guess they run big, even with an insole they are just a tad bit to big, causing me to what without my "heel" strut. lol.

    I love them, but I'm honestly going to have to find a replacement.

    Love you're outfit! and that ring is cute! 

  17. Lexy_BeautyFash

    SO fab! The print of that skirt is amazing, love it with a simple white tee and denim jacket.  And I love this more with the SANDALS! lol.. the flip flops would have been cute too, but would have probably made it a bit tooooo casual. you look perfectly pulled together in this outfit, great for a Friday!

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