I don’t know what this face is about, lol.

This heat is cramping my style; I have been rushing to take my pics because I don’t want to be outside too long, ugh!  It was 82 degrees when I woke up this morning, don’t you just love summer? Okay, enough complaining. 

I am feeling very proper in this outfit today, all I am missing is a tulle slip, some gloves and a pill box hat! I know you guys are tired of seeing this yellow cardigan but I love it.  I should have bought it in every color.  The girls section at Target has the best cardigans! I need to put this skirt in rotation more it’s super comfy and it has pockets!

Oh and tonight is last day of my summer classes, which means I will be celebrating with Moscato later on! Yaay me, one more semester to go!

Cardigan – Target
Tank – Target
Skirt – Thrifted via Goodwill
Belt – Express
Ring – Forever 21
Bracelets – Gifted

Slingbacks – Steve Madden via 6pm.com


  1. LoveofStylebyErika

    I really love that cardigan…I don't care how much you wear it… &  I really LOVE Target too. Great look..love skirts with pockets..It's like a bonus. lol!

  2. Thank you. Yep, girls section at target! I have sooooo many cardigans, it's really ridiculous, lol.   

  3. Thanks Lexy. It's always hot here, except for a couple weeks. I usually don't complain but this humidity is crazy! 

  4. I love this skirt! You should, I had to cut the lining on mines that sucker was way too tight, lol. 

  5. That skirt is super cute. I know what you mean about this heat. I'm ready to say screw it and stroll the streets in a bikini. LOL!

  6. Vrdnmartin

    Love it, Love it , Love it!!! Great outfit, and to top if did u say u got your cardigan from the girls section @ Target?  I love cardigans but have very few. I'll be running over to Target to check out the girls section if I heard u correctly. I thought your skirt was a dress. It's just all very wonderfully classic.  Take care and God Bless U!!!

  7. Lexy_BeautyFash

    AMAZINGGGG skirt! LOVE it and the belted cardi.  Very well put together.  And this heat!! sheesh!  But I said I wasn't going to complain since I complained all winter.  LOL!

  8. Kandistyle

    OMG, I have this same skirt–black with white "stripe" I may need to dig it out!  Very cute. 

  9. You look great! lol at your 'proper outfit' comment. Love the skirt and shoes!
    Congratulations on completing your summer classes and good luck on the last semester. Enjoy that Moscato tonight.

  10. shorterk

    I love that yellow blouse and you paired it nicely with that skirt! 

  11. I am totally with you on the heat! It makes dressing each morning a chore. Love this skirt on you. The pairing with the ruffled sweater and the skinny black belt is perfect. Such a great combination. – Katy

  12. I love yellow with black and white! Cute fit!


  13. tdrenice.blogspot.com

    your are most definitely on point with the cardi and the skirt.  looking forward to seeing even more from the both of them.  keep the rotations coming my dear. AND from one grad student to another……CONGRATS ON SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETING SUMMER CLASSES!

  14. maimusings

    Yeah the heat is sooo annoying I feel so uninspired at times.  Love the skirt, and the black and white combo with yellow.  

  15. I agree with you about the heat cramping your style, I felt the same way yesterday when I was taking my pics yesterday, I was hott as heck!

    You look cute  and oooohhhh pockets! on that skirt. you thrifted that? Love the cardi too. and I have to shop 6pm.com

  16. I loooooooooooooooooovvvvvvve this skirt!  You look so pretty!

  17. tire of this cardigan??? NEVER! lol I love it so much! Everything about this is so wonderful to me. that skirt is goreous…great find! =)

  18. I say nay, none of us are tired of seeing this bright and ruffle-y cardigan!  I lovelovelove that skirt!  And it has pockets??  Great piece!

  19. Style & Poise

    I love everything about this outfit….the pop fo color with the ruffled cardigan, the skinny belt and most of all the fabulous print of that skirt and the shape of that skirt….FAB!!!


  20. Chloehurley

    Looking lovely

    just subscribed subscribe back xx

  21. I LOVE Skirts/dresses with hidden pockets!
    *sigh* I want it! LOL

    Very well put together as usual 🙂

  22. This skirt is the business! I love the pattern and the pockets – WIN!! 

  23. And proper it is!! Very stylish and lady like and the yellow with black and white is hott–

    I'm so glad at least one of us can take advantage of cardi's in the junior's section!! Not tired of it at all– it's adorable and looks good with practically anything!

  24. shopping with betty boop

    this is so michelle obama stunning dear

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