I finally found the perfect white skinny jeans! I must say that these jeans are perfect for the ladies with some junk in the trunk!  About two weeks ago I saw an ad for Levis.com Annual Sale 30% off of sale items and free shipping.  I figured what the hell let me see what I can find.  I usually do not buy jeans online just because I have so many problems with pants fitting me properly.  I have seen several advertisements for the Levi’s Curve ID jeans but never really was interested in trying them.  So after taking the Curve ID test online I determined I was the Bold Curve or the Supreme Curve.  I went with the Bold Curve for women that have problems with gaping.  The Bold Curve has a higher back rise and hugs waist without gaping or pulling.  
So I ended up getting 30% off, free shipping and an additional 15% with a coupon code.  I paid less than $50 for both pairs of jeans.  Levi’s also has free return shipping so I figure if I hated them I wouldn’t lose much.  When I got them I was so excited I tried these babies on at work and loved them!
I went with a size 14 but probably could have got my normal size 12, I figured I need to size up since they were slim fit.  Regardless I still love them, I can comfortably wear these to work and not worry about them looking too tight. I hate to go on and on about these jeans but it’s so hard for me to find a perfect fit.  Hopefully this review will help someone else with my body type.  So let me break it down:
  • I ordered the Classic Bold Curve Slim Jeans in white and dark indigo.
  • There is no gaping, and the jeans fit comfortably on my waist not belt needed.
  • The fit is great through the hips and thighs, they do not make me feel like I am being squeezed.
  • I am 5’5″ and I bought the regular length which I can wear flats with and not worry about them dragging.
  • When I washed the indigo they did not shrink that much, I was able to pull them on easily.  They did stretch out a little bit which is why I said I could have sized down but it also depends on the look you are going for. 
  • The Bold Curve comes in low rise, mid rise and at waist.  Low rise is hit or miss with me so I decided to pass. 
  • I can sit down comfortably and I don’t have plumbers crack, lol. 
  • The white is true white and looks fabulous!
Okay, that’s it! I hope this review helps some of my other curvy ladies.  I can mark these off my wish list.  Now I need to work on colored skinny jeans.  I think PZI Jeans has the perfect pair but my size is always out of stock!  
My fear of wearing white skinny jeans are gone, I just needed to find the right pair! 
Make sure you hit up Everybody Everywear to see how the other ladies rock their yellow.
Tank – Zara
Jeans – Levi’s 
Sandals – Target
Clutch – Forever 21
Bracelets – H&M
Earrings – Forever 21
Sunnies – Kohl’s
Watch – Fossil



  1. Hahaha Nice Top!. I love how you paired with white. And those skinny jeans are indeed awesome.

  2. So cute. I'm loving the white pants!

  3. LOVE this outfit! I looks good, comfortable and stylish!

  4. You look really cute!  Thanks for this review!! I've stalked the GAP site for a minute wondering how the curve id's would fit me. I need a good pair of white jeans. I hate that I missed this sell. LOL!

  5. Thank you Kerissa!  I told ya'll I was gonna be venturing out more!  They do have the slight curve jeans which might work for you.  Today is the last day of the sale you might be able to find something. 

  6. hey there, found my way over here via EBEW
    love the yellow top you have on and what a great review of the jean.
    i have been wanting a pair of skinny white, only have a pair of flares
    i will be hopping over to the site you recommended today

  7. You look FAB!  I will definitely have to get a pair of those jeans. There cute! Love those sunnies too. Great job on the challenge!

  8. That's a great review! I recently bought a pair of Levi's jean shorts and I love them. I should give their Curve ID line a try.

  9. Strictlihair

    OMG!!! I have been looking for the perfect white skinny jean! I too have a little junk in the trunk! 😉 I found some at F21 but I had that problem with the gaping in the back! And YES, PZI has/had the perfect skinny jean but like you said….always out of stock! But I will definitely be going to the Levi's site to find my perfect fit!!! FYI…you look AWESOME!! Great Post! 🙂

  10. Style & Poise

    You look fab in your white jeans! Love the cheery yellow top and Great bracelets and clutch..love your look..casual and stylish!


  11. Cindy A.

    I completely agree! I'm 5'3" and have found Gap ankle length jeans to be perfect. My only complaint is their denim quality just isn't what it used to be. The last two or three pair I've purchased have all had issues with stretching and sagging. Have any of you experienced this?

  12. Thank you. I don't care for Gap Curvy fit, they only come in boot cut, which I don't really wear. I love Gap Real Straight. 

  13. Cindy A.

    Cute jeans! I'm usually a Gap jeans girl but their denim quality isn't what it used to be. I may have to give the Levi's Curve ID a try. 🙂

  14. Very cute. I'm always searching for jeans that fit well… I've had the most success with Gap's line of jeans which was surprising, but being 5'2" their shorter lengths work well for me. I'm going to have to give these jeans a try! Thanks for the review.

  15. I saw your post on the EBEW challenge –Very cute!! and the jeans look fab!

  16. Kahlil Haywood

    you're always on point, and I love it

  17. Thanks for the jeans review! I am super glad you put all those details in there because after checking the site I and taking the quiz I see they have my size as well. I have been dying to find a great pair of white pants, so THANKS!! Also, love the whole outfit, as always, lol. Keep it up girly!!

  18. Kerissa Blue

    You look great. I did notice that you weren't on your balcony (not that I was bothered by it. I just recall you mentioning it). The jeans fit well, love the accessories especially the bangles and clutch. It doesn't look like it but i have problems with gapping too. I usually have my seamstress put dots in the jeans which means I always have to wear a long shirt. I've been mia for a while so I know  I missed this sale. Will keep an eye out for an upcoming.

  19. Wow! I also love that skinny jeans. Though unlike you, I'm not a bit curvy. I'm petite, though not too slender yet can be considered as slim. Wonder if this kind of skinny jeans might suit me, eh.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Cathy@embroidery digitizing

  20. Ordinarily I wouldn't have reached for bracelets in that color if I was wearing a yellow blouse like that. However, it adds extra color to the yellow blouse and white jeans. Nice cool outfit for a summer day.

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