I love it when other bloggers share questions they get from their readers.  So I decided I would do the same starting with a little something for the fellas.  I was sent the following message:
My birthday was several months ago and I have noticed a
change in my fashion sense. I don’t know if it has to do with age or if I want
to change up my style a little.  Since you’re a fashion expert how can I
get my grown man on without going overboard.  And what do like to see guys

First let me say thank you for the compliment but I am far
from an expert, lol.  I just know what works for me.  I am pretty
simple when it comes to men’s fashion.  I don’t care for over the top
things that draw too much attention.  I always feel like less is
more.  For me I think you should always look your best no matter
what.  I always cringe when I see guys wearing basketball shorts and
slides when I’m out.
As far as getting your grown man on I have selected the following items below.  I pretty much see these as the basics for any male wardrobe.  These should get you started in the right direction.
The white button down is classic, it goes with everything…jeans, khaki even with a pair of cargo shorts.
I like this shirt because it is an update version of a classic look.  I think the seams add a little something extra. 
Normally I wouldn’t suggest wearing a plain t-shirt but v-necks are very popular among the fellas.  A new crispy paired with jeans is another classic look.  As long as you stay away from those deeeeep v-necks you should be good, lol. 
Ralph Lauren polo shirts are the best, they have so many options, and the cotton they use is soooooo soft! This would work with jeans, shorts, khakis and even under a blazer. 
This sweater would have the tendency to make a young man look older if not worn correctly.  The picture I selected is perfect.  He has the plaid shirt underneath, the sleeves are pushed up and the shirt is cuffed.  Perfect! It’s all in how you style it; this would work with a v-neck tee shirt as well.  
Every man should have a nice fitted/tailored blazer; you should have one on standby just in case the occasion calls for it.
Most guys think of khaki’s as being boring or for old men, wrong! If you style them correctly they can look great.  Crisp button down; un-tucked with the sleeves cuffed or half zip sweater and v neck tee. Of course these would also be great for an office environment as well.  
Can’t go wrong with dark denim, it goes with everything.  These are a relaxed straight which is a perfect option if you hate skinny jeans and don’t care for the baggy look.
Definitely need a nice casual shoe and I have noticed that boat shoes are popping up everywhere.  I like this particular pair because they have an updated look simple look.
Classic white sneaker.  I have a pair of these myself! 

G Shock’s are very popular and they come in so many different versions and colors.  This is a great casual watch. 

For more dressy occasions this two-toned Bulova watch is perfect.   



  1. shorterk

    You look great in white jeans! Love the look!

  2. HandpckdbyNikona

    The mesh polo is nice, & I think watches are such a necessary accessory, it really adds to a look. Great post!

  3. i love the tips!

    I hate seeing guys in white tees and baseball caps. Even the 30 year olds and up wear them here. I hate it! ugh!


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