Have you ever purchased something for a specific reason and never wore it? I do this all the time, case in point my lovely palm frond dress. Isn’t it beautiful? This dress was intended for my N.C. vacation last summer but thanks to a special someone, I wasn’t able to go. So this beauty has been aging in my closet since then, tags still attached.
So Last night I was going through my nightly ritual and also unpacking my suitcase from Puerto Rico…I know, I know, I am the worst when it comes to unpacking. I picked up this dress and decided she was the lucky winner. She has now been transformed from a vacation dress to a work dress; surviving being tossed in the Goodwill pile with the others. This dress make me feel like I should be on lido deck of a cruise ship sipping something fruity, unfortunately that won’t be happening today.

I just realized my entire outfit is Forever 21! and I decided to let my forehead breathe a little no more bangs, it’s too hot!

Blazer – Forever 21
Dress – Forever 21
Belt – Forever 21
Pumps – Jessica Simpson via Ross
Bracelets – Gifted
Ring – Kohl’s
Earrings – Bijuju.com


  1. Beautiful and fun dress. You look great! And your brows are like perfection!

  2. omg!!! love this!! I especially love the colorful dress!! 🙂

  3. Strictlihair

    Your are working this dress! So glad you decided to keep it & the jacket was a perfect touch. I'm loving the hair as well! 🙂

  4. Girl that hair is LAID!  its looks great… The dress does have a vacation only feel but you toned it down nicely for the office with the blazer.  Each time I visit your blog I've been trying to figure out who you look like and it just hit me.  You look like my nephew's mother whose also one of my best friends.  hee hee!… Anyway hope your day is going well!

  5. Oh, I'm glad you decided not to donate this dress. I love it! you look so pretty!! LOVe your hair!

  6. Looking lovely!  I do that ALL the time.  I find things in my closet and I'm like "oh yeaaaaaah . . . "


    I am so glad you didn't give this to Goodwill, I LOVE this dress and the way you styled it!!

  8. LA Lynn's

    The dress is a WINNER!!!! Love how you paired it with the shoes and the jacket to tone the colors… cute & chic!!!!

  9. Firstly, your hair looks so good!! love it! I also love how you flipped this dress for work, giving it structure with the white blazer. The belt and shoe color is genius! 

  10. Dr. Reginia

    This is an awesome dress and I love how the crisp white jacket it sets if off so lovely.

  11. Kerissa Blue

    GORGEOUS! Love the dress. Perfect for South Florida. You did an excellent job taking it from cruise ship/beachside to office appropriate. the dress speaks for itself and you kept everything so simple which says you dear have a great eye for combining pieces. Wanna take a stab at my wardrobe. Wouldn't that be fun. Remixing another you live near blogger's closet?

  12. Artia Hawkins Saxon

    LOVE THIS DRESS! I was once a victim of overpacking and have bought many an item intended for a vacation or other purpose that never saw the light of day for its original purpose. But that's the beauty of shoes, blazers and other accessories…a few twists of the imagination and these items are instantly re-purposed.


  13. This is soooo pretty and vibrant–you working that dress girl! Like the new "do" and the brows, you look really nice. I can totally relate to giving the bangs a rest… I'll be coming out this "helmet" soon myself!

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