Days 5! It’s over *sad face*, this challenge was soooo fun, and easy. I loved not having to worry about what I was going to wear this week. I also realized that I could remix my clothes a lot more than I do instead of just buying more and more stuff. I am so glad I did this, it was definitely an eye opener. Once again I want to thank Lexy for thinking of this great idea!
Today’s look is by far my favorite, I thought Day 3 topped it off for me but I LOVE that I was able to dress down and still look HOT! I can’t take all the credit for today’s look, I took inspiration from a picture of the lovely Monica, a belted jean jacket genius! The wedges, scarf, and earrings completed the look. I can’t wait to see how the other ladies finish the challange.
So what was your favorite look?

Dress – Ross
Jacket – Oldnavy
Belt – H&M
Scarf – TJ Maxx
Wedges – Target
Earrings –
Bracelets – Forever21


  1. You looked great all the days!! My favorite outfits were Thurs and Fri looks. Good job!

  2. I'm going to have to go with outfit #3!
    It's sophisticated but rich like Victoria Beckham collection, love it.
    Overall you've created a great selection of looks with this one dress, a great personal fashion challenge.

  3. such a great idea for a personal fashion challenge!  I'm going with outfit number 3, its sophisticated and smart, but has a rich air like Victoria Beckham collection.  Overall you've created a great selection of looks here, love it.

  4. Oh my how did i miss this post. You look so great. I love this look. I think this one is my FAVE! Excellent job on the challenge!!

    Amazing looks, i loved them all. 

  5. LA Lynn's

    WOW!!!! STUNNING!!!!! I luv all the transformations you did with the dress but this is the BEST look to me!!!!

  6. This is my favorite outfit of the week. I think the scarf makes it pop! Love the color… although black is actually my favorite color it can get boring after a while.

    Sidebar: How many belts do you own?

  7. Style & Poise

    This is my second fave! Love it! The white blazer is my all time favorite! You did very well on this challenge!!!

  8. So cute! You did such a great job on this challenge! I'm a little sad it's ending =( I 'd have to say that day 3 is my fave!! I just love that belt & blazer combo. Until next time!! xoxo, Rita

  9. RushOurFashion

    WOW!!! This challenge was over so quick! Seems like it JUST started. You did a fabulous job each time. I think Day 3 is my fav look..I think its because of the contrast of colors & because I'm a sucka for blazers…


  10. C of anyeverynothing.con

    Ha ha, I totally butchered my name typing from my iPod! I promise i am not insane

  11. C of qnywverynothing

    I really love this! I can't wear a summer scarf without feeling absurd but this looks really polished. I also looove your belt.

  12. Lexy_BeautyFash

    Great way to finish this up girlie!!!! 🙂  I must try belting a jean jacket, very unexpected and it WORKS! That scarf is also gorgeous and I love those wedges.  It's hard to pick a fave, each day was gorgeous!!!! buttttttt…… I think Day 4 is still my favorite! 🙂

    I will be sharing an "I COMPLETED…" button with you girls today… if you are interested in putting in your sidebar.. this was a challenge to be proud of.  yaaaaay!!!

  13. I think toda'ys look is my favorite too! I loved Day 3 but the casualness yet chicness of this look does it for me! Fabulous job!

  14. This is SUCH a great take on casual Friday! Looking at your entire week, you put a completely different spin on that dress. I am sooo impressed. All of your looks had such interesting details. The scarf is a nice touch. Great job!!

  15. kECiia NATURALiSTa

    I'm torn between Day 3 & Day 5 !! & I see I'm not the only one… (=

    -MiiSS kECiia

  16. I loved them all but I absolutely loved #3 & #5 — I think because of the contrast (blazer vs. jean jacket). You rocked the challenge– I had a blast following your looks! Inspired! I'll be back!

  17. Hope Grant

    day 3 & 5 were a tie for me… day 3 was sophisticated and chic day 5 was easy going and cute!!

  18. Missk Roberts

    I"ve been having posting trouble and couldn't comment, hope this goes through. But girl, you killed this challenge! My fav looks are 4 and 5 with 3 as a third runner up! You look great!

  19. wow…i think i liked the friday look better, so cass chic.

  20. Day 3 is the best one. Love it. I have a white blouse. Now I think I should have bought this white jacket instead of the blouse.

  21. Juliatwotwoone

    I love the day 5 look. The Jacket gives the dress parisan chic so does the scarf. I will try and do this look myself . 

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