It’s the first day of summer, I completed my Applied Case Studies Management class and I got an A! Now I only have class on Monday’s and Saturday’s, so instead of staying home I decided I should go out and start out my summer at the movies. Summer movies are the best…here is my summer line up Bad Teacher, Transformers, Smurfs, Captain America and Friends with Benefits. What’s even better it’s only $6 on Tuesday, can’t beat that!
My outfit is simple and casual, wearing a denim jacket to the movies is a must…it’s always freezing in the theater. So how are you guys starting out your summer’s? Oh and I saw Green Lantern…it was okay, kinda long. They took too long with the character development, but overall it was okay for $6, lol.

Denim Jacket – Oldnavy
Tank dress – Target
Sneakers – Jordan Retro 3s, “True Blue”
Bracelets – Gifted
Watch – Fossil
Ring – Kohls

Purse – Mulberry for Target


  1. Thanks, you could probably get one a thrift store if you are okay with used clothes, I see them all the time.

  2. ah you're taking me back to a time when J's and Jean Jackets were a staple. need to get a jean jacket again asap! like the look on you simple and cute

  3. maimusings

    Love that outfit,although I am not into sneakers; those Jordans are hot!  Welcome to the natural side of the world.

  4. Strictlihair

    You look so cute! This looks  fun and comfy!! I see ya "J" walkin! Go Girl!

  5.  Thanks, they sure do, I just picked up a striped tube skirt last night and I have my eye on their colorful skinny belts!

  6. Linique Hill

    Love the outfit, casual yet chic! I love that purse, because I have it!! Target has great stuff!

  7. Kristen Culp

    Yes! it works. I'm usually opposed to gym shoes. But I think you might have changed my mind in certain situations.

  8. LA Lynn's

    U look really cute… Cobalt Blue is the HAUTE right now and there's NOTHING like a FRESH pair of J's!!!!

  9. Lexy_BeautyFash

    Adorable!  That is my favorite shade of blue and I love the sneakers! I love summer movies too. Bad Teacher looks hilarious, can't wait to see it!

  10. I LOVE your j's! Summer movies are definitely the best… for the summer I'm going on vacation in less a month to a few places in Florida. I can't wait!

  11. Style & Poise

    Love the color of that dress and it's very figure flattering! Also, love the denim jacket..that should be a staple in every fashionista's closet 🙂 Very Nice!


  12. So cute!! I love that you paired sneakers with a dress!! I was thinking of doing that today with all the rain that's out. Love it!!

  13.  Thanks Inez =) I have 9 pairs! My collection is growing, like I need another habit, lol.  Sounds like a great idea, I should look into hitting different spots every week this summer.

  14.  Thanks Ty! I wish I would have known about this $6 deal sooner, no need for me to see the movies on opening weekend and pay $12

  15. Tysha James

    How cute! I love Jordans! I love that one too! love the casual look, and the blue body con dress is HAUTE! it adds col0r and life to the denim jacket and J's!  I love $6 movies LOL that's the only time i watch them! xoxo TY

  16. You look totally adorable! A casual, fun outfit with enough polish to go anyway afterwards.  Hmm I haven't been to the movies in so long, I couldn't even tell you but I've been chillin on the porch with the kids in the evenings after work to start the summer.

  17. You look so cute, with your j's, I have never owned a pair of jordans. How many pair do you have I remember reading it's your favorite shoe? I haven't officially started my summer yet.  But I plan to explore my city. There are a few hidden gems that I haven't gotten a chance to visit.

  18. No you didn't just hit em with the Retro's?!! Nothing like a fresh pair of J's!
    This look is sooo cute for summer– the blue color is gorge and I swear denim jackets are a girl's bestie!

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