Yep, it’s still cold in Miami and it’s suppose to get colder tomorrow! Needless to say my winter wardrobe is put much none existent, but I do have a few pieces that I love. I purchased this sweater from Forever 21 a couple years ago in NYC. There is something about a short-sleeved turtleneck that’s intriguing. It pretty much defeats the purpose…but I can get away with it in Miami and not freeze.

I also love textured tights. You can’t really tell from the pics but the pair I have on today are polka dots. I can remember growing up in Brooklyn and my mom making wear itchy wool tights, I hated them! But eventually everything comes back in style again.

Oh and I hope you guys like my new pet lizard…

Turtleneck – Forever 21
Skirt – Express
Tights – Target
Belt – Forever 21
Lizard ring – Forever 21
Peep toe booties – Madden Girl via TJ Maxx


  1. Love the turtkneck, the pop of color really works. Miami, cold? Those two words shouldn't be in the same sentence! Enjoy the chill!

  2. @ Besos, Lynn, thanks. The color is what drew me to the sweater. We are going to have to endure this cold for the rest of the week.

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