I try my best to take my pics in the morning before I leave for work. Well this morning I was kinda running behind and when I stepped outside on my balcony it was hot as blazes! I have to make it a point to be out there before 7:30am so I can get good lighting and not too much sun (like today).

Today’s title post has a lot to do with being motivated to continuously blog. I never realized how much blogging would affect my life. I am constantly thinking of new things to do and write about. My camera is always with me, just in case I see something interesting. I have always considered myself to have great style and dress nice but now I make sure my outfits are “blog worthy”. I even go as far as to try on my entire outfit the night before to make sure its gonna work for the next day. I make sure that I wake up early enough to take my outfit pics. By the way I’m not a morning person at all, so this is hard for me. Lastly, I am way more body conscious…that might sound vain but if I think I look “fat” in something it’s never gonna make it on this blog.

This may seem like a lot of additional “work” but I love blogging and the interaction between other bloggers. That’s my motivation, what’s yours?

Tunic worn as a cami – Forever 21
Skirt- NY & Co.
Cardigan – The Limited
Peep toes – Steve Madden via DSW
Ring – Fabco.


  1. First, how lucky are you that you are in a warm climate. The rest of us are freezing are tails off! With that said, you look great and I certainly appreciate your efforts I know how difficult it is. Stay motivated it inspires the rest of us!

  2. Whaaat???????? It's hot? Girl it's cold maybe not as cold as other places but 46 degrees has me upset!

    I like your dedication. Your outfits give me ideas! *smile*

    My motivation is varied but I do love when people comment!

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