Yesterday I was feeling lonely and kinda sad…but I turned that around last night before I went to bed. Despite feeling down I gave thanks to God for all the wonderful things I have in my life. Yesterday may have been a down moment for me but overall I am truly happy and blessed. I woke up today feeling wonderful and excited about starting my day. I’m happily thankful for my family, my friends, and my strength…oh and my furbaby!

I went shopping this weekend and was finally able to get my hands on some camel pants, and I love them. Let me just say I don’t like pleats at all. I always thought they were for old ladies, but since these pants are high-waisted it’s working for me. They feel great and the color is awesome. I choose to keep my top simple as not to take away from the details of the pants. Now all I need is a camel colored sheath dress and I’ll be set.
The pre-black friday madness is setting in…the 3 major malls in my area will all open at 12am!, as well as one the larger electronics stores. This is gonna be crazy…I’m re-thinking my shopping plans now. I may just wait for Cyber-Monday because I really hate crowds.
Boat Neck top – Oldnavy
High-waisted pants – NY & Co. Outlet
Peep toes – Bare Feet
Necklace – Fabco.
Ring – Forever 21
Bracelets – Dots


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