I had a crazy busy week, but tonight I’m going to a Halloween party and I can’t wait! I am super excited to relax and have a good time. My costume is gonna be so fierce! I haven’t dressed up since I was a Transformer back in elementary school! Lol.
Today’s outfit was inspired by one of my inspiration pages I keep from my magazines. It’s definitely more spring than fall but I don’t care feels like spring in Miami. I have been dying to wear this great shirt I found at the Goodwill. I’ve heard really good things about Brooks Brothers Miracle Shirts and was geeked to get one for $8!
Oh and I’m dressing up as Cleopatra! I decided to incorporate my dress seen here into my costume instead of using what I bought. I think its gonna add the wow factor I’m going for.
Cardigan – Old Navy
Stripped button up – Brooks Brothers via Goodwill
Jeggings – JcPenney
Nude Pumps – Jessica Simpson via Ross
Fossil watch – Gifted


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