Calvin Klein via Saks Fifth Off 5th $124

Express $59.90

Love Culture $35.00
Love Culture $25.00

Happy Monday…I hope everyone is having a safe and fun Labor Day. So I went shopping this weekend looking for birthday dresses. I kinda started out in the lower end stores hoping to find a jewel but no luck. The first few dresses I picked up caught my eye because of the color. The look I am going for is sexy sophistication. The Love Culture dresses would have been cool if I was looking for club wear. But even for that the quality of the clothing wasn’t that great. I really liked the halter dress with the jewel center but it wasn’t long enough and it was way too big at the top. And I would have to be altered.

The Express dress didn’t work out at all the fit was not good at all in the breast area. It was suppose to drape across but I couldn’t get it to look like the pic I saw online. The dress was made of a knit material, I was kinda expecting it to be made of heavier material so it would give the dress more structure.

Now the one that I absolutely fell in love with. The Calvin Klein dress, I love it! It fits perfectly…except the top needs to be taken in because I have not boobs, lol. I felt so great in this dress, it didn’t bunch up or ride up around my hips when I walked around. The satin was so smooth and it was structured and well made. I think this one is the winner!!!!


  1. Thanks ladies!, I loooooove the CK dress as well. I planning to look for more dresses this weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

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