Okay so my 30th Birthday is approaching and I need a dress! I plan to go shopping this weekend during the Labor day sales and get it out of the way. So I can focus on my outfits I plan to take on my trip to NYC. Here are my selections below:

I’m sure you notice a theme here…blue is my favorite color! I want something that’s sexy, sophisticated and shows off the curves.

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1. Macy’s – I love this dress! Its not blue but I think I would look so fierce in this. I think its the contrasting colors that are attracting me to it so much.

2. Victoria’s Secret – Convertible dress, can be worn 10 different ways. I am really feeling this except is has rouching in the back of the dress…I’m not too sure how that’s gonna look. I want to accentuate my curves not make anything look bigger. I’m not sold on this dress just yet. It also comes in several colors.

3. Victoria’s Secret – I love this. I like the rouching down the sides, the little sleeves and the empire waist. It also comes in several colors.

4. Victoria’s Secret – Vicki’s again. Who doesn’t love a good bandage dress, but I’m not loving the sleeves. I already have broad shoulders and I don’t like drawing attention to them. I’m sure that can be altered if I do select it.

5. Express – I love the color of this dress and the rouching across the front. The draped asymmetrical neckline is also nice.

6. Express – Simple but sexy. Another bandage dress, I am really feeling the one-shoulder design.

So I have my work cut out for me. I am going to hit up Macy’s and Express this weekend and hopefully I can find these dress and try them on. Too bad Vicki’s doesn’t sell clothes in their stores. Those dresses are going to be a toss up. I also find that their clothing runs kinda big. I’ll will make sure to take pics of everything I try on. Which one is your fave?

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