I always pick out my outfits the night before work and last night was no different. So I grabbed these pants because I love the way they “fit”. Well I get to work today feeling good about myself and my co-work says to me “don’t you think those pants are too tight for work” LMAO…I looked at myself and said “no they aren’t”. Well needless to say we went back and forth for a couple minutes. I didn’t get offended or anything because we are really cool. Plus, I always consider myself to be polished and appropriate for the office environment. So I say to my co-worker “I can’t help it if I have a booty and hips, I’m just working with what I got! So for the rest of the day I felt self-conscious about the way I was dressed. According to him he likes to see women dressed more conservatively *rolling eyes*. You would have thought I came to work dressed in a Herve Leger bandage dress a la Kim Kardashian. Anyway, long story short…I told myself I wouldn’t wear these again but changed my mind quickly. I am thick and curvy…I look good and I love it. Anyone that doesn’t like it can suck a fat one! =)

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  1. Thank you for your blog. I see I’m way behind in reading it =) but I appreciate your photos. I have the same issue with finding “work appropriate” pants. It’s difficult when you (as you stated) have hips and butt. People don’t even realize how hard it is to find pants that fit your waist and can get over these hips and butt. Anyway, thanks for the blog and style idea’s.

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