I love this color combination of pink an burgundy. You can’t really tell my pants are burgundy because of the color effects I used but they are. My necklace also has pink pearls in it. I think I am getting pretty good at blogging. I try to blog about something new everyday. I know how it feels to get engrossed in a blog and then the owner just abandons it. I have also become addicted to fashion blogs, I was addicted before. But since I have my own blog I am on another level of addiction. I am so fascinated by other bloggers personalities, sense of style, there willingness to share their lives with the world. Its almost like have an unlimited list of potential friends. It has to be a labor of love because you can face a lot of criticism from other people. Not everyone is nice or has nice things to say, but that’s just a chance to have to be willing to take. So fare I love it! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Tropical Storm Bonnie has Miami soaking wet, so I guess I will be inside for the majority of the weekend. I plan to have some DIY next week as well.

Pink cardigan-F21
Pink Camisole-Macy’s
Shoes-Calvin Klein via DSW


  1. I agree with everything you said regarding your blog and blogging.. I try to just stay true to myself and not let what other bloggers do change the theme or views of my own blog.Your outfit is really cute!

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