Show Stopper Statement Skirt

| Crop Top – F21 | Skirt – Shein | Shoes – Joe’s Jeans | Belt – Target | Statement Skirt This skirt is an absolute statement show stopper and I was heartbroken (literally) when the real skirt sold out, two years ago, at H&M before ever making it to clearance. At the time I had no idea where I would wear such a bold and attention catching item.  However, I knew I wanted it and I’d sleep in it need be, lol. Anytime, I find an amazing item I have to put on my shopping buddy, Kerrisa.  We both love beautiful midi skirts but this one was way out of our budget at $160.  I figured I’d play the waiting game and the price would drop.  Of course, that never happened. The skirt sold out and I thought I’d never own it.  NOTHING haunts you like the things you don’t…

Magenta Fit and Flare Dress

| Dress – H&M | Shoes – Just Fab | Rarely do I wear bright colors but I knew this dress was meant for me when I spotted this magenta fit and flare dress on H&M’s website.  I was not willing to pay $59, so I waited for it to be marked down.  At $15 it was a steal.  The dress was too big in the bust area but that was an easy fix.  My seamstress is the best and continues to keep me polished and put together. I still love my neutral colors but it’s nice to step way outside the box on occasions and try something new.  Spring is the perfect time for transitions and change. Have you transitioned your wardrobe yet?

| Shirt – F21 | Skirt – H&M | Shoes – Betsey Johnson |  Usually, when I am excited about an outfit the photos turn out amazing.  However, that wasn’t the case with any of these outfits.  Sometimes everything doesn’t come together.  In most cases, I do a re-take but…

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H&M Accordion Pleated Skirt Part II

| Blazer – Zara | Tank – Target | Skirt – H&M | Shoes – Joe’s Jeans | I was completely uninspired by the last outfit I posted featuring this beautiful skirt.  It looked amazing in person but the outfit didn’t photograph well.  So here we are again same skirt, different look.  I promised you guys I would share at least five ways to style this skirt.  I owe you three more! Every time I wear this leopard blazer to work I feel like I am doing the most.  I avoid wearing colorful shoes at work but I’ll show up in a Peggy Bundy blazer! Sounds like a good balance, right? Do you ever wear super trendy clothes to work? If so, how do you keep it appropriate? 

| Skirt – H&M | Top – F21 | Shoes – Betsey Johnson | Necklace – H&M | Kerrisa and I have been sending each other screenshots of beautiful pleated midi skirts since last year.  We are constantly texting, DMing and emailing each other outfit inspiration  Our personal style is…

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