Curves and Confidence: H&M accordion pleated skirt

Curves and Confidence: H&M accordion pleated skirt

Curves and Confidence: H&M accordion pleated skirt

Curves and Confidence: H&M accordion pleated skirt

| Skirt – H&M | Top – F21 | Shoes – Betsey Johnson | Necklace – H&M |

Kerrisa and I have been sending each other screenshots of beautiful pleated midi skirts since last year.  We are constantly texting, DMing and emailing each other outfit inspiration  Our personal style is so similar we always end up buying a lot of the same items on occasions.  I believe I shared this H&M accordion pleated skirt with her in December prior to my NYC trip but it was sold out in my size.  After buying a beautiful chartreuse skirt from  ASOS that had mismatched seams and was overly wrinkled I had given up.  It’s always when you stop looking for something that it finds you.  I was back in H&M for whatever reason (like I need a reason to shop) and my skirt was waiting for me in my size.  It’s quite possible that I have worn this skirt at least five times since I purchased it.  I should do remix post to show you guys all the different outfits you can create.

Pleated Style Tips

 Accordion pleats work best for my pear shape.  They move nicely, don’t wrinkle easily and hold their shape when washed.  Inverted pleats aren’t my favorite but they work when styled properly.  They can give the appearance of added volume which I try to avoid.  Check out I how styled this inverted pleat skirt and dress.    Box pleats can also give the appearance of added volume depending on the placement.  I loved the print of this dress but almost returned it.  Instead I had the box pleats in the back stitched down so they laid flat.  Lastly, knife pleats are always fun on a short or knee length skirt like this one.

If you aren’t into the accordion pleat trend there are several other options that might work for you.

Which pleated style is your favorite?


  1. Sophie Jane Cheval

    Ive been too scared to wear this seasons pleats as I assumed they would make me look bigger but you look great!!! Im going to shop around for a pleated skirt now 🙂

  2. Carrie Lewis

    Now I ? the tip on sewing some of the pleats down in the back. I have been wanting to try pleats for so long, I would have never thought to try this tip. Thanks for providing it because now I will go in the dressing room imagining what it would look like without the pleats making me look funny. ? Thanks for sharing!!!!!

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