My Personal Style Evolution

Curves and Confidence- Target Floral Nude Babydoll Top and Oldnavy Curvy Skinny Jeans_

Curves and Confidence- Target Floral Nude Babydoll Top and Oldnavy Curvy Skinny Jeans_

Curves and Confidence- Target Floral Nude Babydoll Top and Oldnavy Curvy Skinny Jeans_

Curves and Confidence- Target Floral Nude Babydoll Top and Oldnavy Curvy Skinny Jeans_

| Shirt – Target | Jeans – Oldnavy | Wedges – Steve Madden |

Confidence is Key

My personal style has evolved so much since my twenties.  The biggest difference from then to now is my confidence. I’ve never been much of a risk taker with my clothing.  Y’all know I love the classics and prefer modesty to being flashy and trendy. I don’t mind showing a little skin under the right conditions, see this post. Earth tones and neutrals are my faves but I love a pop of color here and there, see this post. Blogging has been the biggest influence on my style evolution.  I love seeing how real women embrace their personal style and create everyday looks that look phenomenal.  I am a style blogger that is consistently inspired by other bloggers.

Stop the Negative Self-Talk

I found my groove when I became comfortable with my body, specifically my pear shape.  I use to stay away from certain trends because I had convinced myself I was too fat to try them.  Of course, that was complete non-sense.  I wasn’t even allowing myself to try new things.  I became easily discouraged when off-the-rack clothing didn’t fit me perfectly.

I had to get out of my own head about sizes and not having what was (is) considered the typical body shape.  I would love to fit into a single digit skinny jean.  One day maybe I will but for now, the goal is to find clothes that make me feel confident and look good on me.

How has your style evolved over the past five years?  What noticeable changes are there?


    It’s funny because I have done the complete opposite with my style. I’m showing less skin. 5 years ago, my closet was full of little mini dresses and crop tops. But now years later, after becoming a mother, my body is not the same. So I try to dress for this new body that I have. I haven’t lost my confidence. I’ve actually gained a little more confidence since having my son. But I try to always wear what makes me feel good. So now my closet is full of dresses and pencil skirts that are a little longer but still sexy. So even though I can’t wear my little “minis” anymore, I can still be cute and sexy in my “midis” lol. I will say though that when I see girls/women in their little dresses and crop tops, I’m cheering them on like YASSSS!!!!! I love being a woman! And I love seeing women who are confident in themselves!

    • I was never comfortable showing my skin because of being a thicker girl. I’ve learned that it’s cool to switch it up every now and then.

      • Daneisha Smith

        Yep! I totally agree with you!

      • Officiallychic1

        Yes! I totally agree!


    Oh and BTW, I love this blouse!

  • Marsha Grey

    I have been searching for this top you’re wearing along with the the maximum dress top and I can’t find it… please help me!!!
    What’s the code or actual name of the top so I can order it online if possible?

    • Ms. Kim McGhee

      Please tell!!

      • The brand of the top is Xhiliration.

    • The top was purchased at Target in store. The brand of the top is Xhiliration.

      • April J. May

        I have looked in my local target and online and I dont see it.. Hate I missed out on that top! Its really pretty!

        • I found it in the clearance section. There were only two left.

  • Dariadbk

    So Fashionable

  • Harper

    Cute outfit, love the top!

  • Michaela Cornwall

    I know everyone thinks a certain way about themselves but I’m here to say that you absolutely fabulous just the way you are! Loved this outfit…very very cute!!!!