Curves and Confidence: Neon Midi Skirt

Curves and Confidence: Neon Midi Skirt

Curves and Confidence: Neon Midi Skirt

Curves and Confidence: Neon Midi Skirt

| Jacket – Target | Bodysuit – F21 | Skirt – H&M | Shoes – BCBG | Purse – Rebecca Minkoff |

It’s been a rough couple of days for me.  However, looking back at these photos as I type this post is putting a smile on my face.  I’ve come such a long way from being the quiet girl that always worried about fitting in.  When I was in the first grade I moved to NC from NYC.  From that moment until the age of 28 I always felt out of place.  Never realizing that I wasn’t suppose to fit in.

It took me getting divorced and my entire life being thrown into a tail-spin for me to realize that.  At the time I believed I wasn’t good enough and I was washed up at 28, lol.  I know, I couldn’t see past my current situation.  However, you are what you believe.  Right now I believe I’m amazing and capable of doing amazing things.  Like being a speaker at the first Black Bloggers United Conference this June.

No matter how happy you are with yourself there will always be someone that thinks they know what’s better for you.  Last week, I had someone tell me I needed to change my attitude.  As if my sole purpose in life is to please them. I won’t tell you guys what my response was because in-real-life my mouth is vicious.  If we changed ourselves every time someone else saw fit we’d be exhausted!

I didn’t intend on this post being about self-confidence and empowerment.  I guess I was just letting the words flow.  Someone may have needed to read this today.  Especially, as others around you may be celebrating love and relationships.



    Beautiful! And yes I needed to read this!

  2. Lioness

    Love it! I never quite fit in up to now but I realize I wasn’t suppose to. I have a vicious tongue myself. I use it only to defend myself against folks who think I need to cater to their needs and neglect my own. I’m single and I’m finally ok with it. Yes I would love t be with someone. The time will come. Right now I’m loving myself and enjoying life. I’m not existing like I did in my 20’s. I’m 36 and living! I’m so excited for me! 🙂 Happy Valentines Day to you Shay!

  3. Ayesha Monique

    Thank you for this Shea. I too had a moment when I felt like I was washed up. I didn’t have any confidence in myself. I didn’t feel worthy or capable. I had my pockets of highs but inside felt so low. How I felt about me changed depending on who I was around and how they made me feel. It wasn’t until I met my husband and he encouraged me to step outside of myself and pushed me to see my worth that I began to see myself differently. This year is the year of “I dare you” I dared myself to do anything that I refuse to do solely out of fear. Now I am doing my first public event as a plus size model. This process is overwhelming and frustrating but I am learning so much about me. I can see myself as beautiful, sexy, amazing and worthy. Its truly awesome how challenging your own mindset about yourself can change everything around you. Thank you for writing this blog. I read it often and it also has inspired my change. You are awesome and beautiful. Keep pushing.

  4. That yellow skirt and those pink heels. EVERYTHANG!!! All the best as you prep to be a speaker at the black bloggers united conference

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