Curves and Confidence: Transition Summer Trends into the Winter with these 5 tips

Curves and Confidence: Transition Summer Trends into the Winter with these 5 tips

Curves and Confidence: Transition Summer Trends into the Winter with these 5 tips

Curves and Confidence: How to Wear a Skater Skirt in the Winter

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I have called Miami home for the past 11 years, so I’m accustom hot summers and sunny/warm winters.  When the tempatures dip below 70 degrees I’m automatically reaching for a sweater or jacket.  My winter wardrobe is pretty much non-existent.  I do have key items that are ready to be worn as needed: faux leather jackets, patterned tights, knee-high boots, and a few sweaters.  I wouldn’t even actually call those items winter clothes because they would fail horribly at keeping me warm if the temps went below 50 degrees.  At times I do miss wearing cute coats, boots and scarves until I am in NYC and it’s 32 degrees, LOL.

Isn’t that the way, you always want what you don’t have untill you have it.  This past year I had plenty of opportunities to indulge in colder tempatures when I visited DC and NYC.  Because I don’t have winter clothes and don’t care to buy any I am always trying to figure out ways to transition my summer clothes for winter.  Below are my tips to get double-duty out of your favorite summer trends in the winter:

Thick Tights

I think that adding tights to anything pretty much makes it winter proof.  Okay, not really but a thick pair of tighs will keep you warm and allow you to wear that cute skater skirt that you loved throwing on during the summer. Tights are also a great way to add texture to your outfit.  I personally love the Merona brand from target.

Layer Up

This is my go to strategy when I travel home (NYC or NC) during the winter.  I don’t care to spend lots of money on clothing that will only get worn once so I have to get creative.  Dresses over jeans, fur vests over denim jackets and light sweaters over a button up are just a few ways to layer your outfits in the winter.  I personally love to layer my sweaters over oxford shirts for a polished look.

Add a Hat

Switch out those straw hats for a wool or felt fedora.  If you have a big head like me check out the men’s sections for stylish hats.  Beret’s are also making a come back.  A colorful wool beret and chunky scarf is a great stylish combination.

Leather is a must

Faux leathers have essentially replaced the need for leather jackets.  I personally own both but I prefer my faux leather jackets to throw on over a maxi dress or top my favorite midi skirt.  If you still prefer the real deal then check your local thrift store for some afforable and vintage leather options.  eBay is also a great option for finding both.

Get Booted

Thigh-high boots and short shorts are on my styling to-do list.  I plan on making it happen the next time a cold front passes over Miami.  I use to be one of those people to ask “why does she have on shorts and boots?”.  Now I’m like “I can’t wait to wear denim cut-offs, thigh-highs and a cute sweater!” There’s nothing wrong with bearing a little skin in the winter time, just keep it balanced.  If you decide to bare some skin below I recommend keeping things covered up top.

Are you wearing your favorite summer pieces this winter?



    This look is perfect for Atlanta weather right now too! Our winter is feeling more like spring this year. Love your outfit! You always put your looks together so nicely!

  2. sagaifarver

    Thank you for the post. You know, when I saw the photos I thought: She has large thighs, like me. She shouldn’t wear such a short skirt, a longer one would make them look smaller.
    And then: Stop. Why shouldn’t she?
    She wears what she likes to wear. She looks fabulous. And look how toned those thighs are.
    And super skinny shouldn’t be the only thing that defines what beauty is.

    And…if she can, so can I.
    Thank you for inspiring confidence in me.

    • Thank you for you’re honesty. These thighs are thick and I am completely okay with that on most days, lol. It took me a while to be comfortable with wearing shorts and mini skirts. Now you can’t tell me nothing! If I like it I am wearing it.

  3. Paulette Clifton Terrell

    Thank you for the post. I am visiting my son in Miami soon and needed some ideas on how to dress for winter in that climate. I live in Alabama which is a colder. This winter actually has seemed more springlike. I do Love your style and fashion sense. You put together so many varying looks that are fabulous. Thanks so much for inspiring us Curvy Girls…I look forward to following you!

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