One of my goals this year is to get out more and actually enjoy South Florida.  I live in an amazingly beautiful city that I don’t explore enough.  Of course, I know where to go shopping, who has the best brunch and where to get a good drink.  However, I’ve never eaten a meal in Little Havana, or explored the murals in Little Haiti, nor have I traveled down to South Miami.

For my first photo diary, I ventured out to Wynwood Art District the new “hipster” neighborhood in Miami.  Wynwood is famously known for its beautiful murals, graffiti art and Art Walk that occurs every second Saturday of the month. I’ve eaten at several great restaurants in Wynwood (Morgans, Coyo Taco, Kush, etc.).  Of course, I’ve had a few photo shoots in front of some great murals.  However, I never really walked around and immersed myself in the neighborhood.

The Salty Donut

My first stop of the day absolutely had to be The Salty Donut.  I knew that Salty Donut was popular, but I did not expect to stand in line for 20 minutes. However, it was worth it ??.

Clockwise: Nutella Donut, Glazed Donut; and Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake Donut

Do y’all see all that sweet goodness??? I washed everything down with a cinnamon toast crunch iced latte. Yep, it tasted exactly like cinnamon toast crunch.  Don’t worry I didn’t eat all three, lol.  After my sweet treat, I was ready to walk off all those calories I just ate.  I didn’t have a particular destination, I just kind of wandered around, stopping at whatever caught my eye.

Urban Graffiti Art Miami

There are several abandoned buildings in Wynwood and I would never risk getting caught trespassing on anyone’s property.  However, I was feeling adventurous and it was for the good of the blog!  As you can see in the panoramic photo below this factory was huge.  Of course sneaking onto other people’s property is not the smartest or safest thing to do.

There was this really great rooftop deck near The Salty Donut that was perfect for outfit pictures.  I usually take photos with my Canon T3i but my friend insisted on using his iPhone 7 Plus.  I was a little skeptical but we used his phone to take all of the photos.

| Top – F21 | Jeans – Oldnavy | Purse – Target | Sandals – Ralph Lauren |

I found this really cute split front maxi dress top at Forever 21 a few weeks ago and I’ve worn it twice already.  I had my eye on this bucket bag for the longest time and it finally was marked down to clearance. It’s ridiculously huge but I love it!  Wearing super flat sandals for a day of walking probably wasn’t the best idea.

If you ever visit Miami you should definitely check out the beautiful murals and urban graffiti art in Wynwood.  This was just a very small snippet of what the neighborhood has to offer.



    Great photos! You look fabulous as always

  2. Phyllis Lincoln

    Looking gorgeous as always…love that top…I’m in Texas,…I’m going to look for that top…looking forward to see your Spring outfits…

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