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Before I get into today’s post I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the fantastic comments, emails and messages you guys sent me about my Birthday Reflections.  You guys are so awesome!

It’s All Fun and Games Until You Gain Weight

I haven’t been feeling the best about my appearance lately.  Which is because my dedication to the gym has been  dissmal this year.  I’ve been relaxed, having fun, networking, traveling, and hanging out.  My eating habits have been pretty much whatever.  I am still a vegetarian but I haven’t been dedicated to my usual meal planning. It’s been nice not having to track every meal and agonizing over macros on a weekly basis. I have absolutely loved every single happy hour and brunch (my fave) outing this year.  What I am not thrilled about is the 10lbs I’ve gained!

For the past couple years I have been on it; working out twice a day several days of the week.  I can honestly say with all the stuff I had going this year I could not maintain that momentum.  I did beat myself up a little about falling off from gym routine. However, I realized that if I intend on being dedicated to the entrepreneurship process I can’t be so regimented all the time. There has to be room for meeting new people, completing deadlines and seeking new opportunities.

I Still Look Great

While taking these outfit pictures I was completely in my head about my weight. Only to download the photos and realized I’m still fantastic! I may be Ms. Curves and Confidence but even I have not so confident moments from time to time.

While I am not thrilled about these 10lbs; believe me when I say they will be gone before the end of the year.  I understand that it’s okay to relax at times just don’t fall off completely.  As women we tend to be hard and overly critical of ourselves.  I have some many amazing things I am trying to accomplish.  At times I get frustrated because I want everything done right now! However, that is not realistic and all great things take time and effort.  I am my team, just me, so I no longer beat myself up about skipping a workout here and there.


So I am back on track  and refocused. There will be more Wellness Wednesday posts coming to keep me motivated and dedicated to the process of losing this weight.

How do you refocus when you’ve gotten off track?


  1. andrea byrd

    Happy Belated Birthday Shea. I’m really inspired by you as I am attempting to live the single and 30 life as a career woman. My confidence however isn’t do strong. I was diagnosed with Lupus a few years back and had minor setbacks here and there and sometimes I get really down and out. I’m reading your blogs and finding confidence and inspiration to be a better me. Thank you for showing how awesome life can be with some great self dedication.

  2. Love the outfit! I have that same skirt! Glad to hesr more Wellness Wednesday’s to come! I gotta stay motivated!

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