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The Evolution of Me

Lately, it’s become hard and harder to come up with lighthearted witty banter to go along with my outfit pictures.  Honestly, I outgrew the whole “fashion blogger” thing awhile ago.  I mean seriously, how many times can I show you guys how to re-style a pencil skirt.  Aren’t you bored with just seeing me pose and look pretty? There is so much more to me than just a woman that can put together nice outfits.  Of course, I will continue to share my outfits but that will be in addition to more posts about entrepreneurship, dating, fitness, wellness, and life in general.

All Grown Up

I started Curves and Confidence six years going beause I wanted to challenge myself.  I also wanted to inspire professional curvy women that hated pant suits and blouses, lol.  A lot has changed in the blogoshphere since then.  Now there’s plenty of inspiration for everyone. By inspiring others I’ve evolved into this amazing person that’s pretty awesome. I don’t have a perfectly branded life that fits into a beautifully themed IG feed. I have the same issues as most of you and I am willing to share the good and bad.  Hopefully, you guys will stick around and embrace my evolution.  I feel good about this change, it’s been a long time coming.

Are there any topics you guys would like me to discuss? Leave me a comment below or send me an email to info (at)


  1. Care Monique

    I am so excited about this!!!! I’m a newer fashion blogger and I have this same thought of doing more than showing pretty outfits. This is why I enjoy your blog soo much!!! Keep um coming hun!!!!

  2. Patricia Taylor Todd

    I appreciate your evolution….but I am FAR from tired of seeing your outfits! Although there are more curvy fashion bloggers nowadays, I feel like there aren’t enough 30- (and 40-) somethings who aren’t either a double-zero, or a much bigger size than I can relate to. Plus I love seeing the sources for your outfits. So I hope you’ll still show us your amazing work-and-play wardrobe along with your new content!

  3. Lioness

    I’m excited for you and will continue to be a follower.

  4. I have been following you for the past 4 years and I have enjoyed all your post. I would like to read about finance or career moves.

  5. I enjoy your fashion blogs but I know your grown will be just as amazing as your fashion blogs. Love your outfits. Admire your evolution

  6. I love your outfits and look forward to seeing them and I’m nowhere near bored 🙂

    Would you be willing to share about marriage and what led to your divorce? I know it’s a sensitive topic but if you could share tips and things learned during and after. If not I totally understand.

    • Thank you! Not sure if I am comfortable speaking about what ended my marriage but I’d be willing to discuss about what I learned about myself during and after.

  7. Lifestyle88

    I think it is important that you continue with the outfit postings. There are few 30s and 40 something bloggers. There are even less consistent bloggers of color that we get to see mainstream. I wonder why that is?

    • Not sure, the outfits will continue but there will be more lifestyle postings.


    Love all you outfits! I am happy for you & can’t wait to see what’s next! I will definitely continue to follow!!

  9. I love your outfit posts. I would like to read more about you. Personal stuff like dating, divorce, lessons learned or still working on, fitness and how you stay motivated.

  10. Cheers to evolution! I’m in a somewhat opposite situation. I love talking about introversion, but I want to incorporate more fashion into my blog, so I’ll definitely be learning from you. Mixing it up is never a bad idea! Looking forward to seeing more.

    • Thanks. The fashion part can be tricky at first but when you find you groove you’ll be great.

  11. Jada Thurman

    Love, love, love your blog. Love the outfit post. You could consider doing a segment every now and then where subscibers recreate your looks and then post the pics of them. I know I have taken several ideas of outfits you have posted and recreated those looks. They offered me new ways to wear clothes I already owned that made them feel new again.

    • I did that a few years back. That would be a great option to bring back.

  12. Melanie Brown

    Dont stop posting your outfits. They give me inspiration. Can you talk more about how you put the outfit together like the process behind it.

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