The Evolution of Shea





| Tank – Marshalls | Skirt – Lulu’s | Shoes – Jessica Simpson | Purse – Just Fab |

The Evolution of Me

Lately, it’s become hard and harder to come up with lighthearted witty banter to go along with my outfit pictures.  Honestly, I outgrew the whole “fashion blogger” thing awhile ago.  I mean seriously, how many times can I show you guys how to re-style a pencil skirt.  Aren’t you bored with just seeing me pose and look pretty? There is so much more to me than just a woman that can put together nice outfits.  Of course, I will continue to share my outfits but that will be in addition to more posts about entrepreneurship, dating, fitness, wellness, and life in general.

All Grown Up

I started Curves and Confidence six years going beause I wanted to challenge myself.  I also wanted to inspire professional curvy women that hated pant suits and blouses, lol.  A lot has changed in the blogoshphere since then.  Now there’s plenty of inspiration for everyone. By inspiring others I’ve evolved into this amazing person that’s pretty awesome. I don’t have a perfectly branded life that fits into a beautifully themed IG feed. I have the same issues as most of you and I am willing to share the good and bad.  Hopefully, you guys will stick around and embrace my evolution.  I feel good about this change, it’s been a long time coming.

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