Crochet Midi Dress

| DressF21 | Sandals – Ralph Lauren | Purse – Louis Vuitton |

As of lately (the last six months or so) Forever 21 has had some really great pieces. It seems as if they may be moving away from being just known as a juniors store. I personally have noticed they are offering more sophisticated items, like this dress, at higher price points. They are known for their fairly low prices so I was surprised to see special collections that were priced well about $100 or more for some items. Either way I’ve been very happy with all of my purchases I’ve made lately.

I’ve been looking for a crochet dress for awhile and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on one nor did I want to make one (yep I crochet). This dress is like a crochet/lace mix which I love. I don’t have to worry about the material being super delicate and ripping or snagging easily. I also love that the the slip underneath is a separate dress but I wish the slip wasn’t fitted and had the same fullness as the crochet/lace overlay.

You can read more about my other Forever 21 favorites here and here. Have you noticed the different in the quality of clothes from Forever 21?