Vacation Wear: Chevron Maxi Dress

| Dress – Oldnavy | Purse – Rebecca Minkoff |

When I spotted this dress on I was almost sure I would love it but I was nervous about the chevron strips.  After a very disappointing experience with this dress (Hey Tanasha!) from Alloy I wasn’t ready to accept failure again. However, I was very pleased by how flattering this dress is.  The darker background and the different sized stripes work better on my frame. I don’t want my already wide hips to appear wider then they are.

Like always, when I order a maxi dress from Oldnavy I purchase a medium/tall.  I do not like for my ankles to be exposed when I wear maxi dresses.  I need the extra length so the dress flows nicely when I walk, lol.

No worries about shrinkage, I washed this dress twice and dried it with high heat and haven’t had any issues.

So what do guys think, is this dress a winner?

  • Mrericswife

    Yes. It’s gorgeous. I love it. It’s inspiring. U r the reason I began wearing maxi dresses last year. You let me see that they can be dressed up or down for either the office with a blazer or at the mall with a casual cardigan or even at a family gathering in the back yard with nothing on your arms and scandals. You’ve done it again. Thanks a million.

  • Latonya Gentry

    It looks fabulous on you!!!

  • It’s so pretty <3

  • Nicole

    Very Nice

  • Melissa

    Looks great!

  • so pretty! I love chevron striped for summer 🙂 xx

  • Such a pretty dress!!!

    Carsedra McKoy:

  • Love the stripe pattern, beautiful!

    xx Falasha:

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  • Tasha

    Cute…I love maxi dresses