Curves and Confidence was created five years ago because as a blog reader myself I didn’t see many style blogs that represented “in between” women.  Not plus-sized and not your standard straight size.  I have always been pear-shaped but I haven’t always embraced it.  At one point I hated having full hips and a round butt.  I wanted to be able to just grab a pair of jeans off the rack and have them fit perfectly without having to size up or deal with waist gapping. The obnoxious stares and propositions that I started receiving at the age of fourteen didn’t make me feel any better about myself. If anything it made me feel even more self-conscious about my body.  However, over time I finally accepted who I was but not without bumps along the way.  Once I let go of how I “should” look it became easier to just be myself.

I enjoy sharing my personal style with you guys because I know how frustrating it is trying to discover your personal identity. For the longest time, I was trying to be what I thought would make other people happy.  Curves and Confidence help me discover its cool to stop stressing over other peoples standards. To some people clothes are meaningless and they could care less about how amazing you feel about that new pair of leopard pumps you found or why you are so hype over a skirt you’ve been eyeing that finally went on sale. For me, a great outfit can make or break my day.  I always team overdressed and I love it, its who I am.

I never started my blog as a declaration of anything except that I am a young business professional that loves clothes and shopping.  I am a woman that wants to inspire other women to look great no matter what.  For new and old readers, Curves and Confidence is the journey of a professional woman that was once at her lowest point five years ago but worked hard to become the woman I am today.  This is my confidence story.


  1. Charlene Johnson

    So inspiring! I love this blog! God bless you.

  2. MaximsFashion

    Lovely post and congratulations for you!
    I like your style, and I appreciate everything
    that we share in this post.
    Don’t forget that you have a friend here oK!


  3. Thanks for sharing your story. I needed to hear that on today!

  4. I love this so much I have to tweet it! After years of trying to be who everyone else was, I’m finally ok with being who I am. So liberating. This will help those who are still struggling in the in between place.

  5. Chrissy Grant

    This is awesome!! Thanks girl! I feel so motivated.. We should have more girl’s talk 🙂

  6. LOVED everything you said, some of those points and feelings really hit home for me!

  7. I hear you and I have a similar story. One of the things I love about getting older is I get more comfortable with the shape of my body. People are paying for round booties and I got mine for free! lol Rock on lady!

  8. your style is amazing. I love everything you put together and how you bargain shop. You have been an inspiration to me in many outfits that I have put together for a girls day or night out. Keep posting please and keep being an inspiration. You don’t have to be a stylist or fashionista to look wonderful.

  9. You are such an inspiration. I love your honest,down to earth style and personality. While a lot of bloggers let the “fashionista” go to their heads you appear ever humble. Simply marvelous my island sis.


  10. Hi girl, i am one of your african-french followers, eventhough i don’t comment i am tcheking your blog everyday cuz it’s so inpirational to me…….I will turn 27 in one month and just can seem to find my place…… reading this post i felt like you were talking to me, i don’t feel good in my skin and always apologize to people for who i am (a lover for fashion and designer clothes) and trying to be somebody am not, i will definitely stick to the “team overdressed” . Thank you sis, keep the good work

  11. imperfctconcept

    Beautiful post. Self love is so important. I use to HATE being called tooth pick and skinnty…. I didn’t like the way people saw my body. So, I wore clothes were you really couldn’t see my shape. As, I started practicing yoga and focusing on my inner self is when everything came together. So glad, you are growing and loving yourself. =)

    • I hated it too and being called four eyes. Uggh the damage people can do to kids. I was blessed with a nice bottom and always hid it because I was taught that covering up was best. I think you can celebrate your body and enjoy it without being overly sexy. So like you and Shea I’ve learned tojust be me and allow my heart to be my guide. If I don’t feel comfy in something, I don’t wear it.

  12. Friend, I’m so very proud of you for sharing this post. As I look at your old post on the balcony and the now post where you are finding the best spots in Miami to be captured, I know you’ve grown. I know that you are all about looking your best professionally and YOU DO THAT WELL! I am so grateful that I’ve learned to be my best self and stop hiding. I’ve learned from you to try something different and be ok with my love for skirts. This is what I wish all bloggers did for each other instead of the you can’t be bigger than me mentality. And stop telling people you aren’t a a stylist. Just tell them you only style me, lolol!!

  13. nathalie

    Bravo sister.
    Came across your blog 3 years ago , I ‘ve learned from you and started my journey too. Thanks for sharing.xoxo

  14. Ms Guni, England uk

    Very good post , the self hate comes from some of those famous magazines that show just one type of shape. I don’t buy or pay attention I come to these blogs where I get inspired by women who look like me. I am African I too have a very big bum. I love it.
    Women who are well educated and beautiful?.

    Kisses and hugs

    London uk


    Lovely post!! Say that sis!! You know I love your style!!

  16. Shea, I LOVE your blog for several reasons – 1, I’m also what people might call ‘curvy’, although and kind of ‘in-between’, like you, and am always looking for inspo on how to flatter my figure. 2. You have AMAZING dress sense, and, 3. I’m in dreary England and your photos are freakin’ awesome and make me want to come back over to the US asap! Keep posting 🙂 xx

  17. I just found your blog via pinterest when I was trying to find some styles for my pear shaped body. Thanks for being a great example of learning to embrace what you’ve been given rather than hating who you are or how you look.

  18. Simplybee

    I enjoy reading your blog. I also enjoy the wonderful color palettes and textures you post.

  19. melissafff

    Great story … And I can always appreciate a fab leopard pump 🙂

  20. I <3 your blog! Thank you thank you from a sister pear and fellow teammate team overdressed!

  21. Im so there now-STUCK and self conscious about my juiciness. I’ve recently retired from the military and praises be to God- he gave me a job in the federal government the day I retired. So naturally -or should I say consciously I immediately ran out and purchased the safe clothes. You know , the quintesential blue, grey, black and brown suites. Im a size 16w. (₩ bcz of the hips and bootay). So I felt safe covering up. I mean the uniform hid all of my flavorishshessness for over 20 years. I felt stuck in the suites but safein them bcz its “how im supposed to look as a professional black woman”.I figured if I show “ME” I’d get the stares that I did when God graced me at 16 with them . But today, I see you and all your glory. It empowers ME to step outside the box and be authetically me. I am grateful that you shared your truth.

  22. Love, love, love that outfit!!! You look great!!!

  23. HeyJessieBeautyandLifestyle

    This is so amazing thank you! Recently just started blogging myself & dealt with that thought process as well. Loving the skin I’m in!

  24. HeyJessieBeautyandLifestyle

    This is so amazing thank you! Recently just started blogging myself & dealt with that thought process as well. Loving the skin I’m in! & getting rid of negative thinking.

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