Frugal or Fab?

| Dress – T Tahari  | Jacket – F21 | Booties – Dolce Vita | Purse – The Limited |

I can be very frugal at times, almost to a fault.  I sometimes pass on an items I really love because in my mind the item isn’t worth the price tag. In most cases I play the waiting game until it’s marked down and I snatch it up.  Sometimes the waiting game doesn’t always workout.

Case in point, I spotted this very dress at Bloomingdale’s last year September.  It was well over $100 and the frugal fashionista in me just couldn’t throw down the cash and make the purchase.  The dress finally made it’s way to the usual discount retailers but I wasn’t able to find my size.  Of course I thought all hope was lost until I came across this dress on of all places, on clearance.  Can you believe after waiting so long to get a great deal I still hesitated, lol. Finally after realizing I could get an additional 20% my first order I made my purchase.

Do y’all know the dress arrived and fit my hips perfectly but looked like an over-sized shirt on top, ugh!  After a quick fitting with my seamstress we decided to remove the sleeves and voila I had a brand new dress custom fitted just for me. The hassle was definitely worth it, this dress is amazing!

I know I am not the only one that chases down a great item or am I? Lol.