Girl Talk: Real Life vs Blogging Life

I am a blogger, fashion blogger or personal style blogger whatever you want to call it.  I take pictures of my daily work outfits and blog about them. I started my blog for two reasons:

  • I wanted to challenge myself to try something different and just put myself out there literally.
  • At the time (2010) I didn’t know of any fashion blogs that were geared towards professional work outfits for pear-shaped women.

With that being said blogging, specifically fashion blogging, has grown tremendously since then.  I am in my fifth year of blogging and never expected to make it this far. I have had my ups and downs but for the most part my experience has been a positive one.

Blogging has become a great creative outlet for me and it has its perks but it’s also a labor of love that requires two things: time and money.  Blogging is not cheap.  I am not even going to front; I have spent some coins stepping up my blogging game: custom templates, DSLR camera, multiple lenses, external hard drives and laptops, just to name a few things. Not to mention the money spent attending events which will likely involve: a new outfit, new shoes, possibly purchasing a ticket for the event, paying for parking and buying my own food and drinks.  I am saying all this just to let you guys know that blogging is more than just taking pictures and uploading them.  There is a lot of work that goes into producing great content.

When I first started reading fashion blogs they were few and far between.  The concept was pretty simple, nice clean layouts, a couple of pictures, and a short description, simple and straight to the point.  I started my blog with a pre-made layout, point and shoot camera, tripod and used my balcony as my back drop.  I was very content with my initial setup when I first started blogging it was easy and very convenient. However, as time progressed I noticed that mainstream media started featuring bloggers in magazines, on websites and in commercials.  I felt pressured to step my game up because I wanted those things too. I wanted to work with national brands and have my efforts recognized.  I became obsessed with page views and followers because let’s be real numbers matter.  I was constantly checking my stats and trying to boost them every way possible.  I was devoting a much time as I could to my blog, outside of school and work.  I had a custom layout designed, financed a new camera and finally found someone to help me take really nice outfit pictures.  I was hunting down great locations to take pictures and agonizing over every pose making sure that each picture was editorial quality.  I joined all the popular social media sites and was active on each one.  Not to mention I was reading and commenting on other blogs daily, guest posting and doing the occasional link up.

However, after about two years I found myself not being in the mood to schedule time for these things anymore. I stopped reading blogs as much and I was kind of neglecting my social media sites.  I began to enjoy regular non-blogger life which included: not worrying about catching the golden hours for pictures or stressing about how many views my most recent post received.  I stopped working myself to death to get perfect pictures and I wasn’t documenting every aspect of my life to share on social media.  As of now I make time for blog photos when I can.  I do my best to produce great content and if I don’t get a major deal with a brand I am cool with that.  If I never see my picture in a magazine again (I was in Redbook), I am cool with that also.  At this point I am back to blogging because I like it and it makes me happy.

Don’t worry I am not giving up on y’all anytime soon.  I absolutely love having a platform that allows me to interact with so many people because in real life I am socially awkward.  I don’t do well in group settings and if you ever approach me as reader I will probably clam up and scurry away as fast as possible! Okay that’s another post for another time. I just want you guys to know that I am a regular person with real life issues that shares some parts of my life on the internet. Don’t get caught up with what you see here it’s only a little part of me.  I am much more then Shea the woman that blogs. So if I disappear for a little while I’m just living my life and having a good time or school has me stressed and I am somewhere in a corner rocking back and forth crying!