| Blazer – F21  | T Shirt – Old Navy  | Skirt – Ann Taylor | Sandals – Nine West |
| Purse – LV |

Long time no see! No excuses on my behalf, my time and resources just didn’t come together like I wanted them to this past month.  It felt good getting out and taking these pictures, I actually felt like a blogger again.

As you can see I am still rocking out with my natural hair, I love it.  Of course it’s still an adjustment.  The feedback has been positive but of course you have a few people that are overly curious to the point of being inappropriate.  Then you have the few that want to voice their opinion as if it matters.  Regardless, I am taking it all in stride.

So tweed is definitely not on my radar because it absolutely has no give and it’s more of a fall/winter fabric, which isn’t conducive to South Florida weather.  However, I found this skirt at Ann Taylor on a whim and to my surprise it fit.  This purchase was also a double score because it was less than $20.  Hopefully, I can re-style it with a faux leather jacket and booties this winter, if we actually get a few cold days.