I had no clue how awesome thrifting was until I started blogging.  Thanks to several fab thrifty bloggers: Lexy, Kerissa, Leslie and Patrice I was hooked before I even stepped foot into a thrift store.  Thrifting requires time and patience, which over the past few years I was short on for several reasons.  However, when I did make time I found several amazing pieces:


The allure of finding fabulous clothing well below retail price always keeps me coming back to the Goodwill.  This weekend I went back to my thrifting roots not looking for anything specific but I hit the jackpot.

My number one find at the Goodwill is always blazers.  The majority of my blazer collection has come from the Goodwill, mostly from the designer section.  This black blazer I purchased is no exception.  Tahari blazers can retail well over $100 dollars, I was happy to pay $15.

I seriously hate buying coats but I need one for my upcoming winter trip back home to North Carolina.  I had no intentions of buying a coat this weekend but the black and white print immediately caught my eye.  Of course I was in love once I slipped it on.  The deal was ultimately sealed when I realized the coat was $8! Considering I will only wear this coat for five days, probably less, this was an awesome deal.

Next up is this beautiful ruffled striped top.  It has stripes, it’s blue and it’s Ralph Lauren.  Enough said.  I hate that they wrote the price on the shirt, thank goodness it didn’t bleed through.

Last but not least, after searching for two years I found a leather pencil skirt! The zipper needs to be updated and the stitching on the split needs to be fixed but that’s nothing compared to how much a new leather skirt would cost me. I can’t wait to drop this off at the seamstress so she can work her magic. I am going to shutdown the office down when I bring this baby out.

I am very pleased with everything I found this weekend.  This Goodwill haul reminded me just how much I love thrifting and how with a little patience you can hit the jackpot.  So enough about my thrifting adventures, I want to hear from you guys.  If you’re a blogger and thrift leave a link in the comments with your favorite thrifted item so I can check it out.  If you don’t blog leaving a comment letting me know which item you like best from my haul.


  1. I love the leather skirt and blazer. I don't have the patience for thrifting but I need to get some after seeing what you've scored!

  2. I live thrifting especially when on a tight budget and the best thing is you have items that no one will normally have which is a plus in my opinion

  3. I am not much into thrifting, but I do love to search the racks at Ross and the excitement of finding great pieces may be similar. I may just have to try it out! Thanks for the inspiration

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