Spring Seersucker

| Dress – JCPenney | Sandals -Deb Shops | Purse – Just Fab |

 Has spring finally sprung for you guys? I am definitely loving the mild temperatures and sunny days. I treated myself to a nice spring/summer haul this past week, not like I needed it. I actually went to the mall instead of shopping on-line.  I hate going to the mall but I like the instant gratification of making my purchase and going home with it.

I picked up this dress from JcPenney and fell in love as soon as I put it on.  JcPenney always has the most beautiful dresses and I know that I will be returning to grab a few more.  I wanted this Mango maxi dress but it was ridiculously long, but I did pick up these cute checkerboard shorts instead.

Have you been doing any spring and summer shopping?

P.S. I don’t know why my legs look so dark and bruised I promise no one is beating me up.


  • Dee Dee

    Love it!!! I saw this same dress and I was like ugh it's ok. But know I need to go try it on. You look great!

  • The picture online is terrible especially since the dress is white and the background is whit, it's so much prettier in person I promise!

  • http://www.weshopinheels.com

    Love the outfit! that dress looks perfect on you!


  • Yaaay! I'm going to check my email now.

  • Long time no see and you look Great. I have not seen dresses like this at my JCP. But then I shop in a different section. Your legs do NOT look bruised!! They look toned.

  • yoyosfashions

    great dress!! you look amazing!! Now you know i have to grab me a pair of those checker shorts twin! love them! what size did you get in those if you dont mind me asking! btw Thanks for posting great looks & finds! you really inspired me!

  • Love that dress! 🙂

  • Melissa

    You look fab! I have been getting cute finds at JCPenney lately. Especially Joe Fresh and Mango.

  • MaximsFashion

    Beautiful dress, but in you so wonderful, you know you already have some time that you follow (years)!
    Je t'aime.

  • Tanya Bee

    Your look Beautiful Queen… just passing thru to showing support keep doing your thing. classy and sophisticated, oh I can't for get Natural.. Oh we know your not letting anyone hurt you. Have a Wonderful Day!!!

  • Shaquana N. Kearney

    I abosolutely love your post. You always were things that are sexy, classy, and affordable. Thank you for posting. I am definately learning alot!

  • hidaya

    noooooooooooo. when did u get a tat? why?

  • I've had it since I was 18.

  • Lol probably just weird shadows from spotty light, cuz it looks like you're standing under a tree. Hate that but you still look super cute.

  • Beautiful dress! Love the way it compliments your body type. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • lalejandra1012

    You look beautiful! Such a simple yet chic outfit!

    BLM Girl

  • Neville

    It's irresponsible to promote such an unhealthy weight as being acceptable, what should be promoted is healthy diet and exercise and then you may have a shot at a body a man would actually be attracted to. This is disgusting and wrong

  • Palulu

    You rock girl. Simple but very smart. So suitable for your body type. You look stunning gal!