Work It: Seersucker Blazer

For the most part my blog features my daily work outfits with weekend wear thrown in here and there.  I am a practical gal so most of the clothes I purchase are work appropriate, which I transform into weekend wear.  I am not into flashy or trendy clothes so this approach works well for me.  Unless your work life is drastically different from your after hours life or you wear a uniform, most people follow the same mantra.  In an effort to maximize ALL the outfit pictures I have taken over the years I want to show you guys different ways I have worn some of my favorite items.

I absolutely love blazers and have over twenty-five or so, yeah that many.  Blazers are one of the easiest pieces to dress up or down.  If your job has a very strict dress code bright and colorful blazers are a great way to stand out but still conform.  On the other hand if your office setting is more casual a great pair of jeans and blazer with a hot pair of heel is always a win.  Above are just a few example of how I’ve worn my stripped seersucker blazer at work and on the weekends.  Seersucker blazers are traditionally worn by men so when I saw this blazer at H&M I knew I had to have it.  It’s also generally a summer fabric which works great in Miami.  Speaking of summer I know most of your are counting down the days until spring!

This blazer will probably be the reason I purchase these pants, yay on nay?

Do you guys remix your work clothes on the weekend or do you steer clear or anything work related on the weekend?