Grey Matter

| Peplum Jacket – F21 | Dress – F21 | Ankle Booties – DV Dolce Vita | Purse – Target |


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I was on vacation last week and enjoyed several days of waking up late and going to the gym during the day, it just doesn’t get any better than that.  The weather was less than spectacular the entire time I was on vacation, so no cute casual outfits, unless gym outfits count? Lol. Besides it being gloomy and rainy it was cold! Not your typical northern cold but cold for Miami.  I was more than happy to pull out a scarf, faux leather jacket and tights to celebrate the occasion.

Case in point, I swore I would never ever wear this dress to work again because it’s too short.  Welp, never say never because I threw this sucker on and figured a dark pair of tights would make everything all good.  Was I right?  I wasn’t uncomfortable at all this time around compared to the first time I wore it. However, now that I am look at these pics it’s still short! It’s definitely being retired to weekend and after hours.

  • Tam

    Kudos for being conservative in the workplace. The tights compliment the dress well.

  • Tam

    You don't need to retire it for the workplace.

  • melissafff

    I'm loving this entire look those tights paired with this dress is super chic and loving the lace booties … Beautiful pics darling 🙂

  • Lorraine G. K.

    Loving the peplum jacket and the boots !!

    so cute !!

    for an after work look try a bit of red lipstick, you'll look even more Gorgeous !

  • Ashley Simmons

    I am glad that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and lucky you for having the week off! Cute dress. It fits you well 🙂

  • Cute, great Fall look.

  • K.Jones

    I love your outfits you have inspired me to dress up more and not feel discourage because of my curves #curvygirlsrock

  • Whitney ‘Nic’ James

    Head to toe, I love it! You look wonderful!

  • Lillie Locklear

    Looking beautiful!

  • Anointed Heels

    you look great! the outfit is very sassy, with the tights i think the length is ok. that south Florida weather has us in tights early this year LOL I have a couple thick colored one I bought I'm waiting it get a bit colder until i wear them. don't wanna look too Floridian LOL with the tights and fur at 75 degrees lol

  • You look Great here and the dress is not short on you, besides you have great legs so, show them off!

  • You look soooo cute! I mean, I think it's fine with the dark tights, but I can wear shorts to work, sooooo what do I know? Lol.

  • You know I saw someone at church with a faux leather skater skirt and tights that was a tad shorter than this dress and she looked great…but I'll admit all service (ok, maybe not ALL service) I kept wondering to myself it was truly church appropriate and if I would feel comfortable wearing the same. I think I'm just a bit more conservative like you because the dress looks great, but I can understand your hesitation. Anyways…I freakin love the entire look!

  • Okc Lady

    Love the jacket!

  • mrs. sains

    Looks so cute. I do agree it is not for work. If it was longer, to the knee it would be excellent. You have a nice shape and great style. I pinned your look. It is nice to fashions done right.

  • StylePoise

    Love this look! Super cute. I think you can get away with it for the workplace. In that first pic you almost looked like Ms. Pope!

  • Lizzy

    This outfit is so cute!

  • Beautiful!! I love that everything is chic but totally affordable. Perfect. PS…I LOVE vacation for the sole fact that I get to go to the gym during the day when no one is there, haha! It's the best.

  • not sure how stubbled across your blog, but you look great, love the shoes and purse! I wish i wen to the gym during Thanksgiving, does cooking all day and chasing children count?

  • Love the gray outfit! All the different shades combine perfectly to make one great looking cold-weather outfit. – Katy

  • Yoyosfashions

    Omg I love!! Amazing dress & booties!! Fabulous as always!!