Red Rush

| Sweater – Gap | Trousers – Victoria Secrets | Necklace – F21 | Purse – LV Speedy |


First things first! Thank you ladies soooooo much for all your honest feedback and commentary on my Girl Talk post.  I was seriously in my feelings about the entire situation and feeling a little overwhelmed.  The pressure we as women put on our own selves is too much at times.  I am feeling so much better and I won’t worry myself too much about the situation.  Would you guys like to see more Girl Talk posts?  If so leave a comment and let me know.

Okay so I wore this yesterday at work and hunty you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t doin it! I love, love, love these red trousers; they instantly make me feel like a million dollars whenever I put them on.  My new v-neck is a tad too big and I am wearing a small.  It’s giving me way more volume then I care for so this is kinda fashion fail for me but I love how the tan compliments the red.  It might just need a little “fixing” to get it just right.