Girl Talk: Biological Clock

I know I usually talk about working out and clean eating on Wednesdays but I decided to switch it up and have a little girl talk this week.  So Last week I went in for my annual pap smear which I usually dread because I always end up getting the pregnancy talk.  This time the talk went something like this:

Dr. M:  “Good Morning Ms. P, how are you doing today?”
Me:  “Great!”
Dr. M:  “So I see on your chart it says you don’t have any children.”
Me:  “Correct”
Dr. M:  “Do you intend on having children?”
Me:  “No”
Dr. M:  “LOL, you answered that quickly.  Well please keep in mind you are 33 years old and it would be best if you attempted to conceive within the next 3-5 years.  I’m just saying in case you change your mind.  It will be much harder to conceive after that time period.
Me:  “Thank you, I will keep that in mind”

After having that conversation with my gynecologist I really got to thinking.  I am a woman in my early thirty’s which I claim and love.  However, I’ve never given much thought to having a ticking biological clock.  Isn’t it always someone else that makes you pay attention to a dormant situation?  I can honestly say that I do not see children in my immediate future nor am I sure I even want to have children.  Some of you may not know this but I was previously married and children were a possibility at that point in time.  Unfortunately, I ended up getting divorced at that age of 28; kind of late in life to start all over.  Part of me still wants to be a mom but realistically it’s not looking to good.  I seriously feel like that time in my life has passed.

If I really put this into perspective based on the timeline given to me by my gynecologist, I would have to meet someone get married and have kids in the next five years.  Yikes! That’s kind of scary, but definitely not impossible.  I guess this is where dating with a purpose would be extremely important.  Dating with a purpose…that brings about another question, do I want to get married again???  This post is bringing about more question then answers, lol.

With all that being said I would like to know what you ladies think.  Do you have kids?  Did you feel pressured to have children before getting pregnant?  Are you a single woman in her thirties, do you feel pressured to have kids?  Let me know what’s good; am I that only woman not planning out a wedding and a pregnancy?