Wellness Wednesday: Vacation Over Indulgence

I have been back from vacation for about two weeks and kind of fell off on my Wellness Wednesday post.  Why is it so hard to get back into your normal groove after vacationing? Sigh.  Any who, I had the opportunity to visit my BFF in Philly the first week of July.  I was super excited to see her and more importantly I was excited to try all the vegetarian and vegan spots she always tells me about.  I was probably a little too excited because I gained 8lbs in one week!!! I knew I was over doing it but I guess I didn’t care because at the time I was in foodie heaven. I seriously went in…

Those are just a few snap shots of my over indulgence.  That cookie, OMG if you visit Philly make sure you stop by the Pennsylvania General Store but just limit yourself to one cookie not three like me, lol.  The majority of my trip I only ate vegan and vegetarian foods but needless to say I still packed on the pounds.  I had already made plans to start working out with a personal trainer when I returned to Miami so maybe subconsciously I rationalized what I was doing as being okay.  Either way that will never ever happen again.

I going out of town again in the next few weeks and I intend to have a game plan.

1.  Stick with my normal routine, buy organic fruit and veggies juices for breakfast.  I normally juice every morning but I won’t have that luxury on my upcoming trip.

2. Do not slack off just because I’m “out of town”; it’s so easy to fall off a little because you’re in a new place and want to try new things.

3. Research local restaurants prior to my trip so I will know what my options are before hand, plan on eating mostly vegetarian and vegan meals, don’t go overboard on carbs. 

4.  Stay away from fast food, I always rely on french fries when I feel like I’m out of options.

5. Don’t eat just because the group is eating, this always happens when I travel with other people.

6. Stick with my daily water routine of 100oz a day, no matter what!

I know for sure on my next trip I will be better prepared, especially since I have been working my butt off trying to get rid of these extra 8lbs.  I will say they actually weren’t noticeable but I decided why be good when I know I can be great!  If you follow me on IG, FB and Twitter you might have seen pics and video of me working out.  Admittedly, I was more out of shape than I expected when I first started working out with my trainer which was disappointing.  However we just started week three and I can already notice a difference in my stamina and drive.  I can’t wait to see how much I will have progressed in the next three to six months.

My workout struggle faces are priceless!  With it being summer time I know many people have trips planned.  Do you have any clean eating travel tips? If so share some of your tips below in the comments so we can all make better decisions.