Old Navy Diva Skinny Jeans

Blouse – Ross | JeansOldnavy | Wedges – Nine West | PurseRalph Lauren

I think Old Navy finally got it right, well at least with this pair of jeans they did.  A few weeks ago I went to Old Navy not expected to find anything I liked during their white jean sale.  After filling my arms with about five pairs of different jeans and headed to the dressing room.  I must say I was surprised in a good way.  I ended up buying the diva skinny jeans in my true size which is a 12.  I didn’t have to struggle to get them on or do the wiggle dance, ya’ll know what the wiggle dance is, lol.  Of course the real test was actually wearing them to see if they stretched out, Old Navy is notorious for that.  I have since worn them twice and the jeans there held shape nicely.  
Ladies these jeans are curvy confidence approved! Hopefully they go on sale again so I can snatch up a few more pairs.

  • The pants look great on you.

  • Ronx

    I totally agree. I had written off old navy jeans after one too many droopy-booty situations, but this new style is great!

  • LMAO at droppy-booty, I promise my booty was well covered in these!

  • Thanks Sing!

  • April Winters

    I agree with you about the Old Navy jeans stretching out after wearing them a few hours! I picked the rock star skinny jeans in white and love them!


  • Gorgeous Puddin

    I just recently purchased the rockstars and they fit fantastic! You look amazing! I really like the blouse too. I actually love the fact that you embrace being a fit 12. We out here! LOL!

  • We sure are out here, these hips and booty don't lie, lol. I have two pairs of rockstar before they revamped the fit, they are so so. The diva's stay up on my booty better.

  • Kurves E Zine

    I want a top like that and I never find tops as nice as this in Ross. It all fits and you look great in the outfit and of course I love the pink handbag.

  • Sasha

    Very cute! I may look for those jeans in Old Navy.

  • Kerissa

    You did this BBFF! I can't wait for mine to arrive. Grilll I'm going to look C&C fab for my first date **twerks**! The handbag is supercute. I'm glad you purchased it. I have smiliar shoes in cobalt blue closed toe but just can't seem to style them properly. Suggestions? Text me, lolol.

  • jeimy

    gorgeous top!

  • This was a gem that stood out, I never find anything good in Ross either, lol.

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you, you should give them a try.

  • Lol you are so silly! You know I have plenty of ideas.

  • Thank you!

  • missediva

    Thanks for this info…I gave up on Old Navy bottoms years ago! And LOVE that top too!

  • Shea! This outfit is so cute. Seriously though… Can I borrow (have) some of the bootie? Thanks in advance!

  • kateandoli

    have you tried the rockstar skinnies? they're my fave ON jeans! and they're always on sale online ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Those pants fit you like a glove! Werk!

  • Clemence Nishimwe

    Love the pants and the bag

  • LoveNaturally JoJo

    I am picking up a pair! you look fabulous!