Trending: Black and White

* Faux leather jacket – Forever 21 * Paisley Dress – H&M * ShoesAldo * Clutch – LAMB *
I know most of you have yet to really experience any spring temps but as we all know warm weather or not spring trends are amongst us.  I am not really one for trends unless it’s something I absolutely love.  As you can see from my outfits below I am in love with black and white.  Trending or not black and white will always be my go to combination.  I love the simplicity of wearing black and white, which basically works in any situation.  If you are not really into trends or not sure where to start black and white would be the perfect starting point.  Everyone has these two colors is their closet right? 

I pulled out a few of my favorite black and white outfits for you guys.  I actually have more but I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys so check back through the archives for even more inspiration!

What trends do you plan on rocking this spring?  I have have neon blazer, cameo jeans and few other goodies I can’t wait to share with you guys.