| Moto Jacket – F21 | Tank – DIY | High Waisted Joggers – Lord and Taylor Outlet |

| Sandals – Just Fab | Scarf – Aldo |

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  I must say I have been on a roll with these weekend wear posts.  This weekend I broke out my high waist sweats (aka joggers for us fancy folks) so I could participate in Ebony’s (Fashionista Next Door) Style Me Friday link up.  As you can see this week’s inspiration was sweats and heels, which is an unlikely pairing.  You guys have seen these pants styled similarly here.  It was kind of cold here in Miami so I figured I would dress for what I like to call a Miami winter day.  I probably look crazy wearing a faux leather jack, cut off tank top, scarf and sandals, lol.

Speaking of sandals I LOVE these Ankara sandals from Just Fab.  I am not even gonna BS you guys and say they are comfy because they aren’t.  I am a girl that loves a shoe with a platform so wearing these 4.5-inch heels with no support for the ball of my foot was a task.  Also, if you are a thick ankle gal like me you might have a problem with the back of the strap rubbing.  But alas beauty is pain, right? Have a great week guys and stay warm!


  1. Appointed2praise

    This looks great. I would have never thought sweat pants as being fashion forward or pairing them with heels, but I love it. You look amazing. Thanks for being my fashionspiration 🙂

  2. Appointed2praise

    just looked at it a 2nd time and you did that look better than the inspiration for it…Great Job. I wish I had that kind of knack for fashion…

  3. Love this outfit!!! I just ordered those heels last week…they look fab on you!! 


  4. You look great!

    Thanks for the honest review of these shoes. I've looked at them a couple of times and was thisclose to ordering when I saw how well you rocked them, but now I think my cankles and I are gonna have to sit this one out, lol.

  5. ministerofstyle

    Can I just say how much I love, love, love this outfit…did I say that I love it, lol. I have nothing more to say, this is how you do weekend chic!

  6. Baby Shopaholic

    Love the look!  I have the same shoes!  I have not worn them yet but they are super cute! 

  7. Corie Moseley

    Love the look! I am notorious for wearing sweat pants with some type of heeled shoe. I've always like the look. Your outfit is really cute!

  8. melissafff

    This is one hOt!!! look love the sweats with heels

  9. Nusophisticate

    I really can't tell you how much I love love love this look. And, as a fellow Miami-an, leather jacket, crop top, sweats, and a scarf makes perfect sense to me.


  10. LA Lynn's

    You pulled this together REALLY Nicely! Love the heels!!!!


  11. MonicaD1210

    This is a nice, casual look. You pulled it together! Love the shoes

  12. Yoyosfashions

    You nailed this!! Love love this look!! Those shoes are to die for!!

  13. LOVE this look on you. I've got a pair of cropped pants that I've been wanting to try and winterize a little. This is the perfect inspiration to do so! – Katy

  14. Brownstone Bazaar

    Such a cute casual look. Love those shoes. LOVE.

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